What to Wear: The Pinafore Dress

The pinafore dress—meaning pinned afore (in the front)—is an emerging trend that works really well for this time of year. This dress from Zara is made of corduroy, a thick and sturdy fabric that is perfect for any autumn chill. Also, this gorgeous golden-bronze hue resembles the colors of the changing leaves. Fall is the time to wear these alluring shades, so no excuses for wearing black everyday! 

What is awesome about a pinafore dress is its versatility. So many tops can be paired with a pinafore dress in order to create a variety of looks. A turtleneck or funnel-neck top is my personal favorite. The high necklines work well, as they don't clash with the square neckline of the dress. However, even a collared top would pair well, giving it more of a put-together, structured look. I would also recommend a top that has a pattern that can help break up the solidness of the dress. Add a beanie or a knitted scarf to give the look a laid-back feel. With this particular dress, a grey knit scarf would match beautifully.

I adore the back straps of this dress. They resemble suspenders, adding a lot of personality to the look. Since pinafore dresses are on the casual side, boots or oxfords are a perfect choice for footwear. Dust some golden eye shadow on your lids and the look is complete. However, pinafore dresses can also easily be dressed up. First, switch out the shoes for some high-heeled ankle boots. Add some lipstick and throw on a long coat to create the perfect out-to-dinner look. 

This festive ensemble would work great for a Thanksgiving get-together or even strolling around the malls on Black Friday. Its ultra comfortable, and the A-line shape of the dress is especially flattering. Pinafore dresses can be difficult to style, but the challenge is what makes trying out these new trends worthwhile. 

Model: Elaine Czarnik