May The Foundation Be With You: CoverGirl’s Star Wars Collection

In anticipation of the upcoming release of the new Star Wars movie, CoverGirl has launched a limited edition Star Wars collection. The line consists of a mascara, nail polish, and lipstick with a variety of shades allowing you to embrace either your light or dark side. SHEI was lucky enough to receive some samples of their new products, including a mascara from the “light side,” the nail polish in the color “golden opportunity,” and a Colorlicious lipstick in the Silver 10. After getting the chance to test these products, I have to say that I am most definitely #teamlightside.

Their mascara is a version of their popular Supersizer mascara, a mascara which is meant to give 400% more volume to your lashes. The brush is unlike any other; instead of going from a thick base to a thin tip, it grows larger the further it gets from the handle. It sounds weird, and at first I was a little taken aback. How is this supposed to get those pesky inner-corner lashes? 

Having tried the Supersizer previously, I didn't have high expectations given that I did not like it one bit. It was too clumpy and made my lashes look like a hot mess. When I received the Star Wars sample, I was very wary, but boy did I eat my words. The color of this mascara is a true black—not off-black or crazy shiny like some mascaras can be. It applied so easily, I was shocked—I’ve never had such a positive experience with a CoverGirl eye product. I put the mascara to the test and wore it all day—from 9 am to 2 am. I wore it to work, napped in it, and wore it when I went out at night. So yeah, I really did put this bad boy to work. And I was honestly shocked at how well it held up. From the moment I put it on in the morning to the time I went to take it off at night, it kept my lashes separated and curled all day long. Seriously. It endured a nap, a night of dancing (covered in sweat, mind you) at a party, and it still remained on my lashes the day after, despite my many attempts to remove it. TL;DR: This mascara blew me away. I’m really, really picky about my mascaras, but this has become my new favorite. I’m super bummed that this is a limited edition, because I want to have it forever and ever. Definitely considering going out and buying all ten in the mascara collection because they are collectable and I think that’s adorable.

When I was told we were receiving samples from the collection, I got super excited that I might be given this gorgeous berry lipstick (Red 30) that I’ve been eyeing. Instead, I picked up a lipstick that is shockingly silver. And I was terrified. I have never seen a lipstick this color, and I just knew that this would be a disaster as soon as I put it on my lips. But just as the mascara did, this lipstick caught me so off guard and I was very pleasantly surprised.

With a color so bizarre, it is common for the quality of the lipstick to be fairly poor—trying to create a more unique color of lipstick usually means the product comes out as patchy, dry, and uncomfortable to wear. But as soon as I put it on my lips, I was shocked. To be honest, I would use this as a moisturizer if I could. It was so smooth, moisturizing, and the color payoff wasn’t bad. Granted, you’ll probably want to use a lip brush to get the color on the edges of the lips and blend it all together, but for a silver lipstick, it did the trick. It wasn’t super opaque, so it added a nice shimmery touch to the lips. 

This is the perfect addition to any robot/alien/futuristic outfit you might have planned for a party. Another cute way to wear it: layer it over a berry lipstick for the holidays. It is relatively transparent and requires a bunch of layers to become opaque, so if you put one or two layers over a dark lipstick, you can definitely create a really festive holiday look.

The final product in our sample set was a gorgeous shimmery gold nail polish. Now, you have to understand that I am pathetic with nail polish. Not in the applying kind of way, but in having it last. I’m the kind of person that picks the polish off in two hours, and I get so frustrated with nail polish because it chips on me after just a few hours. I’m overwhelmingly cautious about using drugstore nail polish because I’ve found that these kinds are usually prone to chipping on me within a day, thus prompting me to take it all off. But if you’re sensing a theme here, you might have already predicted that while I had preconceived notions (albeit not good ones) about this nail polish, I was beyond surprised with how well it turned out. Normally, gold and/or shimmery nail polish is very translucent and requires multiple layers to actually show up. This color, however, only took two coats to make my nails look glamorous. Two. But the best part is the lasting power of this stuff; I own so many “gel” nail polishes that are supposed to stay on for days that are blown out of the water by this polish for some reason. CoverGirl says that it has a gel-like finished and will stay on your nails for up to seven days, and I believe it. I mindlessly tested some on my thumbnail and was shocked when it was still completely in tact two days later. That might not sound like a lot, but to me, this is revolutionary. Plus, the color is so festive I can’t get over it. It has the perfect amount of shimmer to it that it will complete your holiday get-up over the winter break. 

After this little experiment, I believe some apologies are in order for CoverGirl. I used to talk a lot of smack about you guys (not really, but I just wasn’t the biggest fan), and these products completely changed the way I view the brand. Everything I tried exceeded any and all expectations I had. I now have a new favorite mascara, adorable nail polish to wear over the holidays, and some lipstick that I definitely plan on rocking next Halloween. The next time you’re at your local drugstore and pass by the CoverGirl section, seriously consider purchasing any of these products, especially if you’re looking for some holiday gifts for your friends!