Legends in London: Vodafone London Fashion Weekend

London Fashion Weekend (LFWend), hosted by Vodafone, takes place every winter in Somerset House as a continuation of London Fashion Week. For those fashion lovers that couldn’t get enough of LFW, London Fashion Weekend provides a perfect continuation of trends, designers, and sample sales to leave you feeling like the fun isn’t over yet.

LFWend included a catwalk for attendees that showcased the latest trends in British contemporary fashion. The four main trends to be looking out for this season are hyperflorals, shine and shimmer, monochrome, and the 70s. Read on for some tips on how to bring a hint of British fashion to America!


When you think spring, the first thing to pop into your head is flowers. Now imagine those same flowers, but bigger, brighter and sometimes even in two-piece separates. LFWend introduced a new set of florals using bright colors, heavy embellishments, and color-blocked prints. But wearing large, floral prints can be a bit intimidating, which is why a more street-styled version of this trend would be to pick one bold floral print and run with it. This could include brightly-printed trousers or a tailored floral blazer with a button down for a more professional, yet season-friendly look.

Shimmer and Shine 

Sequins, metallics and sparkles–we have seen it all before, but this season they’re coming back in a subdued reincarnation. The shimmer and shine look is perfect for a classy night out or even for weekdays when you’re dressing to impress. The trend includes metallics with a bit more of a matte texture along with smaller-scale sequins.  The key to mastering this trend is picking shimmery fabrics rather than large sequins and keeping the remainder of the look clean and simple. Try white metallics and shimmers, as it provides just the right amount of sparkle needed without looking too much like a disco ball.  

Shimmer, sparkles, and metallics do seem to be the perfect look for a night out, but why not try it for the daytime? A white metallic top paired with a blazer and some dark skinny jeans provides the perfect touch of casual and sparkle. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, a pair of grey shimmer trousers could be the perfect touch to any daytime outfit. And remember to keep the accessories to a minimum and the shoes to a single color. As always, black is a classic option!

Make it Monochrome

In London, the streets are filled with blacks, greys, and navies for most of the fall and winter months, with the neutral trend occasionally even following into spring. Londoners love their simple colors, but this season British designers are bringing monochrome back to London street style. They pair bold prints and large stripes to create outfits that grab everyone’s attention while still sticking to the classic black and white look.

Never fear, for it’s always possible rock the London monochrome look without looking like you’re headed to a funeral. Pair some black jeans with a printed black and white top and black boots as you head to lecture. Combine an all back look with a white blazer and one colorful accessory to keep your look both professional and stylish. Next time you go shopping, look for those large black and white stripes, like the kind shown in the skirt above. Striped trousers and skirts are the perfect way to use this trend without worrying about horizontal stripes on the upper half of your body.

That 70’s Show 

The final trend introduced by LFWend was a modern revival of the 70s, filled with suede, fringe and even flared jeans. This trend can be worn in many ways, but if you’re not comfortable with breaking out the flares, try going for lace, suede and tan colors. Pairing a suede skirt with a jean shirt on top makes for a great sunny day outfit.

This trend is perfect for the summer, as it pairs bright colors, bold prints and short-shorts to create a boho-chic look. Whether you’re going on vacation or heading to Coachella, adding a touch of the 70s is the way to go this season.

All of the looks at London Fashion Weekend Trend Catwalk were provided by The Outnet, a fashion website offering discounts on designer looks. The looks featured in LFWend ranged from Alexander Wang to Lanvin, and even Versace.

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