Ten Beach Bag Necessities


1.  The Bag: The perfect beach bag may seem like an elusive find, but the best way to go about choosing the perfect bag is to combine a suitable size with efficiency. It should be big enough to stow all of your beach gear, but small enough that it is easy to carry around with you. The one pictured above is from Mark and Graham. Its $425 price tag is not very realistic, but the size and color are good choices for any beach occasion.

2.  The Swimsuit: Your bathing suit should be one you feel confident in that is also great for soaking up some sun.  White is a classic choice that looks good on everyone, however it gets dirty easily; if that's a concern, then choosing an option that boasts some color might be more suitable. The one shown above is from johnnieB and costs $34.

3.  The Cover-Up: The perfect cover-up is flowy and lightweight, but also provides enough coverage so that it can be worn with class if you take a break from the beach. It should be easy to take on and off, and super cute like the one found on amazon above (only $12.50)!

4.  The Flip-Flops: There really is no better shoe for the beach than the flip-flop. Rather than letting your feet go free and risking an encounter with something sharp, flip-flops are just enough protection, but not too much of a hassle. Havaianas are especially nice, as shown above, and can be found for pretty low prices ($26) on zappos.com. 

5.  The Sunnies: Sunglasses are a must-have for any beach day, and because they will be used quite a bit over the course of the summer months, it's not a bad idea to invest in a good quality pair, such as Ray-Bans.  The ones shown above are the J. Crew line and can be purchased online for $150.  Because they are so expensive, it is important to keep them safe with a case like the cute “sunnies” one from shopbop in the picture ($35).  

6.  The Towel: With all of these pieces nailed down, you’ll need a place to sit once you arrive at the beach. Your towel is like your property, and it is important to find one that is comfortable, large enough, and unique. The one above is from avenue32.com and is $275—which is kind of ridiculous—but it has the added bonus of a leather handle and fuzzy fabric.  

7.  The Headband: The beach is a warm place to hang out, which is great until you start to feel sticky and gross. Have no fear though; a headband can keep your hair from heating you up, and also looks super cute with a messy bun.  The 2-pack shown above can be found at newlook.com for only $6.28.

8.  The Sunscreen: The most important item to have in your beach bag at all times is sunscreen. It’s all fun and games until you get burnt, so use this lightweight “supergoop” sunscreen for a carefree beach-going experience. It is $19 from J. Crew and the SPF 50 protection is well worth the price.

9.  The Entertainment: The beach is a great place to catch up on the reading you’ve struggled to accomplish. Whether it is a series you are trying to finish, like Game of Thrones, or a popular book you haven’t had a chance to read yet, like Gone Girl, any book helps make your beach time both productive and relaxing.  

10.  The Sun: While this won’t fit in your beach bag, it is definitely the determining factor for any beach day. Fingers crossed that everyone finds at least one day for fun in the sun this summer so you can put your beach bag to the test!

Image created on polyvore.com.

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