Don't Miss "Miss Adventure"

Everyone’s favorite a cappella sensation is back, and not just in the Pitch Perfect 2 trailers circulating the Internet. Actress Anna Kendrick’s most recent coup involves headlining in a promotional movie shot to showcase some of the most exciting new pieces featured in Kate Spade’s new collection

Audiences delight in Kendrick’s distinct, original humor in the Kate Spade original film as she waits patiently for her building super to bring her the keys to her apartment—the film is appropriately dubbed “The Waiting Game.” While she waits, singing Christmas carols on the steps of her New York City apartment, she sees a ladder, which she quickly realizes will lead to the solution of her problem. Using dresses, scarves, and even a Kate Spade signature sparkly heel, Kendrick fashions a rope to pull down the ladder and climb into the building. Miss Adventure saves the day!

As she sips champagne with a straw and tries on the purchases she pulls from her colorful Kate Spade shopping bags, Kendrick finds a way to glamorize the pieces from the collection in a rather nontraditional way. After all, who would expect a typical New York "It Girl" to forget the keys to her apartment?

That’s just the thing though—Kendrick humanizes the silly everyday struggles faced by women not just in New York, but all over the country. The film, which dubs Kendrick “Miss Adventure,” lends a certain air of spontaneity to the new holiday collection. While Kate Spade’s collections always display the best of high fashion, elegance, and taste that New York women strive to emulate, giving Kendrick the reigns as the new face of Kate Spade New York allows the brand to reach a whole new demographic. With a viewership that, thanks to the many channels of social media, has reached much more than its usual crowd, Kendrick’s entire fan base has basically gotten on board with the new collections. If her fans didn’t want Kate Spade before, they absolutely want it now.

Everything, from the snow leopard faux fur pea coat to the delectable pink Bernadette sunglasses that Kendrick dons in the film, is to die for. On one hand, the irresistible nature of the collection can be found in the way Kendrick wears the clothing in her own signature fashion, choosing to pair the elegant Kate Spade attire with zippered leggings of her own. Then again, it could be the setting of glamour and desire that comes along with being a woman in New York. Taking on the big city looks effortless when you saunter down the street wearing your favorite strappy gold Kate Spade party shoes. Looking at shoes like that, women forget how painful it can be to stand for more than thirty minutes in heels. Even the classic twists on Kate Spade’s beautiful collection of handbags, including the Cedar Street Maise, are the perfect reminder that when you march to the beat of your own drum, it’s not hard to create a classic style worth imitating for years to come.

But in the end, Kate Spade’s new clothing is really all about the joy of the holiday season. And with a collection like this one, it looks like all of our holiday wish lists just wrote themselves. Santa Baby, send down a couple pairs of shoes and accessories (and maybe a dress or two) and we’ll leave you alone 'til next year. Happy shopping!

Lauren GuldanComment