Album Review: Purity Ring's Another Eternity

When Purity Ring first came onto the music scene in 2010, it was the result of a chance collaboration between two members of a larger band, Born Gold. After being signed to 4AD Records, Canadian duo Megan James and Corin Roddick released their debut album, Shrines, in 2012, introducing the world to their signature synthpop sound. Now after three years, Purity Ring is back with their sophomore album, Another Eternity, solidifying their artistic style and musical persona.

Another Eternity combines many of the same musical elements heard in Shrines, with strong beat tracks that show evidence of hip hop influences, contrasting with the ethereal and sweet tone of Megan James’ vocals. The album starts off strong with “Heartsigh," a track whose first few bell-like notes give way to a thumping beat and Purity Ring’s familiar electronic mixings. Following this is “Bodyache," beginning with a similar, even brighter, fairy tale-like intro, and accompanied by melancholy lyrics such as, “I lied now I’m lying awake / I cried ‘til my body ache” and “You feared a lonely death / like a lake leaves you alone in her depths,” which tempts at a rather poetic sadness.

Other highlights of the album include “Push Pull” and “Begin Again,” which were both released as singles along with “Bodyache" earlier this year. “Repetition” also stands out with its mellow beat that remains more level throughout the song, contrasting the more pronounced bass drops heard in some of the album's other tracks. This slow burning beat pairs well with the somewhat sinister lyrics, such as, “Watching me is like watching a fire take your eyes from you / Hope it isn’t repetition / Though that’s the only thing that keeps and takes you,” which evokes a sense of suffering as well as an undeniable desire in a cyclical relationship of love and pain.

Lauren GuldanComment