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DIY Crop Top


DIY Crop Top

Lotte Hurkmans

Around this time where my semester becomes overwhelmingly busy and the weather is teasing me with a bit of warmth and sunshine every now and then, I find myself daydreaming more than focusing on my work. With my mind in the clouds thinking about a nice warm beach somewhere in Florida, I figured I might as well get you started with a fun (and cheap!) way to create a versatile outfit for a night out, summer concert, or maybe just a nap in your hammock. Whichever one you may choose for the summer, this simple crop top DIY project can be done in half an hour and give you plenty of time to enjoy the sun and warmth of the most beautiful season of the year.  

What you need

  • Tank top
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

There aren't a whole lot of steps to this project, so just to keep things simple I will give you a numbered list.

  1. Lay the tank top on a flat surface and cut the back of it short. Make sure to measure beforehand how short you will want the tank to to be in the back and only cut the back. Leave the front part of the tank top long
  2. Now it's time for the front. Find the middle of the tank top and cut it straight down the middle
  3. Simply put on the tank top, take the long straps in the front, fold them across over your body and tie them on your back
  4. If the straps are too long in the back you can cut them shorter
  5. In order to make the front look better, fold the pieces you cut inside the top for and sew them to make them stay in place

Voila! Enjoy your new tank top and the summer sun.