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SHEI Magazine is a University of Michigan student-run fashion, art, and pop culture publication. Everything from the photography, writing, modeling, editing, and publicity of our bi-yearly print publications and monthly digital mini is created by students who attend the University of Michigan. Founded in 1999, SHEI Magazine continues to produce issues of professional quality, as well as provide real-world experience to students interested in journalism, publishing, and the fashion industries.


Fresh Face

Carly Griffin

Some people collect stamps. Others collect coins, or maybe even tickets to shows. As for me? I collect makeup. I don’t know what it is about makeup that draws me in; maybe it’s the bright colors, or the transformative power it possesses. Either way, I’m addicted. Whenever I get my paycheck, I head straight to Sephora. My spare time is spent browsing various beauty blogs or scouring YouTube for product reviews and tutorials. Honestly, I believe that there’s something magical about makeup; it’s truly an art. It’s a way of expressing yourself and displaying your creativity. I don’t think of it as a way to cover up imperfections. Instead, it’s a way to feel confident, powerful, and artistic. That’s why I’ve created A Fresh Face—it’s a column that will demonstrate how makeup can be the perfect form of self-expression.

But first, you should probably get to know me just a little bit. My name is Carly Griffin, and I’m a freshman at the University of Michigan. Obviously, my favorite hobbies revolves around anything and everything related to makeup, but I’m also in love with books, Netflix, and bacon. I have an older sister who graciously acts as the student to my teacher when it comes to beauty, and I can’t thank her enough for that. I am always working towards expanding my lipstick collection, which is by far my favorite kind of makeup.

A Fresh Face is my way of sharing all of the tips and tricks that I’ve discovered on my quest to understanding the beauty world. I’ve found that searching the web for various tutorials and reviews can be tiresome, and honestly, no college student has time for that. That’s where A Fresh Face comes in—it’s your go-to source for tutorials, reviews, and anything else beauty-related. So whether you’re a makeup enthusiast, an avid blog-reader, or a family member reading this just to support me, welcome to A Fresh Face! Get ready to dive into the creative world of beauty and become inspired by the endless possibilities that makeup has to offer.