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Kanye West X Adidas Originals

Erika Bell

Anna, Jay & Bey, Kim & North, Rihanna, Diddy...what do all of these powerful celebs have in common? Well for one, they were front and center as Kanye West debuted his highly-anticipated line, Yeezy Season 1, for Adidas Originals at New York Fashion Week.

Kanye, known for his controversial opinions about fashion, art, and music, decided that it was time to put his money where his mouth is and release his artistic vision for the world to see. The collaboration with Adidas has been in the works for 18 months, and the Yeezy Boosts have been on everyone's radar as an upcoming winter must-have.

The collection encapsulated a militant-inspired style, showcased with an eclectic mix of models standing uniformly in a series of rows. Yeezy collaborated with contemporary performance artist Vanessa Beecroft, known for her spatially-stimulating live performances, in order to execute the lone-togetherness duality that spoke to his overall aesthetic.

Using flesh-colored tights as the basis of the garments, the baggy and distressed jackets, sweaters, and sweatpants stood out more than ever. The color scheme ranged from a gravelly gray to a muddy green, with hints of black here and there. Because the shoes were the main attraction, they definitely made a statement with the female models wearing cloaked boots of all sizes and the male models wearing Yeezy Boosts.

Overall the collection got mixed reviews, most of which were on the unimpressed side given that tattered garments and tights made up 95% of the runway. Yet what stood out the most was Kanye's undeniable presentation of the line. He took young internet celebs and unconventional fashion models of today and presented them as worn, stripped shells of a symbolic societal war. He plays with music and lighting, as "Wolves" from his upcoming album harmonized with his daughter's cries from the front row.

The collection is truly a conversation starter. What makes fashion special is the way in which it goes beyond the practicality of simply wearing a garment; it is more about the artistic vision, aesthetic, and hard work that goes into creating collections. Did Kanye measure up?

Photos courtesy of, The Daily Mail, and