It Might Get Loud: Eagles Club at the All Around

On November 5, a band from Craigslist took center stage. Eagles Club, an independent rock group, formed in 2015 through rather unconventional means: vocalist Aaron Chappel asked the Internet to hang out and play some music.

Eagles Club (pictured, left to right): Nick Perry (Guitar), Richie Chunko (Drums), Jeff Kaslowski (Bass Guitar), Aaron Chappel (Vocals)

Eagles Club (pictured, left to right): Nick Perry (Guitar), Richie Chunko (Drums), Jeff Kaslowski (Bass Guitar), Aaron Chappel (Vocals)

Back when newspapers reigned, local bands in search of members would often place classified ads, hoping to get the attention of that promising young guitarist (who was also free on Fridays at 6). It was a craps shoot, but in the days before Internet, as effective a method as any.

Describing Eagles Club’s sound is anything but easy. In some respects, it is heavy and dense – depleted uranium, with guitar on top. Yet their songs are also melodic: sweeping lines lift out of the deep bass guitar, and even the thickest riffs still sing out. The band’s instrumentation draws influence from grunge of Nirvana and Sonic Youth, also pulling in the alternative metal sound of Linkin Park and Deftones. On vocals, one hears echoes of alt rockers like Circa Survive, Dance Gavin Dance and Brand New. If you’re a music connoisseur, you may have noticed a common denominator in all of the above. For everyone else who may not have grown up on Warped Tour: Eagles Club screams. And it’s a good thing.  

As it turns out, asking the world to jam still works today. Chappel, looking to meet new people and just play music, put up a Craigslist ad detailing his plans to form a band. Then…

he waited.

And waited some more.

Vocalist Aaron Chappel, taking the stage solo to perform one of his original songs

Vocalist Aaron Chappel, taking the stage solo to perform one of his original songs

Say what you want about screaming as music, but Chappel does a remarkable job of pulling it off. With mic in hand, Chappel stomps on a host of effect pedals (typically reserved for stadium rock guitar solos), manually adjusting the reverb and delay of his howling melodies. Think of it as a real-time, aesthetically-focused autotune. Or better yet, just listen to it. Behind each and every one of Chappel’s shouting choruses is guitarist Nick Perry, using his axe to slash out loud, distorted riffs. Since Eagles Club has but one guitarist, Perry shifts between rhythm and lead often. The effect is flamboyant, eclectic, and downright fun to listen to.

After several months of emails, phone calls, and jam sessions with a few too many “eccentric” aspiring musicians, Chappel met Nick Perry (guitar), Jeff Kaslowski (bass), and Richie Chunko (drums). The four strangers held their first practice in a cigarette-stained metal trailer (very indie). Whether it was the proximity, the fumes, or just sheer chemistry, the bandmates clicked. Just like that, Chappel’s Craiglist ad was now a fully-fledged project. There was only one problem: the band had no name.

Under it all, bassist Jeff Kaslowski lays down a foundation strong enough to support it all. That “heavy and dense” bit from earlier? That’s Kaslowski making sure his bandmates don’t rock off the stage. But as always, no band is complete without its drummer. Behind the set, Richie Chunko bangs out complex beats that are equal parts funky and punky. To reiterate: describing Eagles Club’s sound is anything but easy.

Jeff Kaslowski with bass guitar

Jeff Kaslowski with bass guitar

At first, the band considered calling themselves “St. Von” in honor of writer Kurt Vonnegut. Rather than go back to the drawing board, the group scribbled names on a blank stretch of wall, crossing them off one by one after hours of discussion. Finally, the lightbulb clicked. Just like that, “Eagles Club” was born. The significance of the name? Chappel shrugged: “It sounded cool.” 

Perhaps that, too, is the easiest way to describe their sound: Eagles Club just sounds cool.


Eagles Club performed live at the All Around Bar on Saturday November 5. Listen to the group’s debut EP ‘A-Sides’ on Spotify now.