The Music Box: Post-Valentine's Spirit

    With the Valentine's Day spirit still looming, I thought I would take the chance to appreciate great love songs.  Some of these are old, some are new.  Some are cheesy, and some are more subtle. The one thing they all have in common: love. So whether you’re in a happy relationship or just living the single life, these songs will help you embrace the love that’s in the air. 

    One song on this playlist that’s really special to me is "Follow You" by Genesis.  This song played during the first dance at my parent’s wedding, and I think it is so fitting for their relationship.  My mom and dad met in kindergarten and followed each other all the way through college, where they accidentally ended up on the same floor in Bursley.  While I personally spent this Valentine’s day eating chocolate and watching Love Actually by myself, listening to this song reminds me that the world isn’t so bleak after all.  I hope you all enjoyed your Bae Day!