The Music Box: Last Week of Classes

It's hard to find any study motivation when the first warm weather rolls around (fingers crossed it sticks this time), especially with summer plans right around the corner. First, some good news: we're almost there! A few more days of classes, a few hours of final exams and then we peace out for the summer.

There's just one slight problem: between now and fun, these tough final weeks.  The following playlist is comprised of some songs I find motivational.  They're probably too distracting for study music, but as you type "facebook" into the address bar, consider filling your ears with this playlist as a motivational study break. It'll get you to summer fun just that much faster! 

Sometimes a hard day can be made better by 3 minutes of music. This playlist features "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N." by Noah And The Whale, my personal favorite song for exam season.  The threat of final exams, grades, presentations, and essays tends to cloud the good in our lives, but this song reminds me that everything will be ok.  If I fail chemistry, c'est la vie. After all, life goes on.

Listen to this song, smile through the pain, and push through.  The finish line and the sunshine is just around the corner!