Workday Wonderland: Polishes to Go Mad For

As many an intern knows, a business wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs to be ready to go for your first day in the office. Your nails, regardless of gender, should be kept trimmed and clean for that first handshake with your new boss (and all the drudging hours of envelope-stuffing and Excel-sheet-typing that inevitably follows).

Anyone who has experienced the night-before clamor of digging through a makeup bin for a usable bottle of nail polish can understand the problem so many women face before heading into their first day, and figuring out ways to save a chipped mani falls very low on the “Ways We Want to Spend Our Weekend” list. In steps the OPI Brights 2016 collaboration: Alice Through the Looking Glass.

This is OPI’s second collaboration with the Disney franchise, the first having featured memorable hues like Off With Her Red! and Mad as a Hatter. This new collection features eight different polishes with a wide range of shades to fit your fancy. SHEI was excited to review Mad for Madness Sake and A Mirror Escape, which are a fearless fuschia and a glimmering gold polish with larger flecks of silver glitter, respectively. The shade Oh Her Majesty! (a dainty alabaster) or What’s the Hatter With You? (a deep burgundy) are more typical shades for many people, but every once in a while the weather demands that our nails take a vacation from the sobriety of a desk job. So, fuchsia and glitter it is.

OPI is an amazingly well established brand, known for their top shelf products, so we weren’t too concerned with the quality of the polish at first look of A Mirror Escape. At first glance, this is a product meant to be used as a detailer--the grit of the silver glitter isn’t fine enough to serve as a stand alone mani, but we went ahead and tried that anyway; after three top coats, our nails no longer feel like an acrylic nail file. Ouch. It’s definitely got some major oomph, but it would have been great if the silver had been incorporated into the polish itself. But if you’re gaga for glitter and don’t mind the maintenance, this is the shade for you.

On the other hat, Mad for Madness Sake was love at first swipe. It’s basically summer in a bottle; an ultra-playful fuschia that you shouldn’t shy away from flaunting at the beach, the office, and anywhere in between. And, disclaimer: even if you’re not a “pink” person, we guarantee that if you give this polish a chance, you will find yourself pleasantly surprised. It makes the guilty pleasure centers of my brain fantasize about lounging in Cabo with a Cosmo in hand, which is a glad escape after hours of cross-referencing guest lists at an unpaid internship. And, protip for the lazy: this shade is so richly pigmented, it doesn’t even need a second swipe. Score.

Written by Haley Fox