Review: "I'll Be The Trophy" by The Stellars

It’s hard to ignore the opening notes of “I’ll Be The Trophy,” the new single from local Ann Arbor band The Stellars’ debut album (due out later this year). With just a few guitar chords the sound draws you in, building on itself until it culminates in an infectious chorus and guitar riff. There really is no better way to describe the style of The Stellars than as “groove-pop,” a phrase they coined themselves in reference to their particular genre of music. A solid beat, catchy chorus, and a sound that makes you want to get up and dance characterize this band’s music.

The song is about the everyday thoughts and experiences of a typical college kid sitting in a lecture, daydreaming about the girl they haven’t gotten up the courage to ask out yet. The Stellars’ instantly relatable lyrics and pop-punk style describe the kind of romantic struggles we all have experienced and leave you wanting more.

The song’s easygoing sound doesn't let on the huge amount of work that went into making “I’ll Be The Trophy.” While you wouldn’t know it from just listening, the band is made up of only two members: Dan Sagher and Erez Levin, both University of Michigan students. “I’ll Be The Trophy” is the product of collaboration, with help from fellow musicians on bass, backup vocals, sound mixers, and with studio production. Sagher plays guitar on the track while Levin sings vocals and plays drums and guitar. It’s impressive that a two-man band was able to put out such a full sounding and polished track, even with the help of others.

With such a solid first single and the promise of an equally impressive debut album in the fall, The Stellars are a band worth watching.

Listen to the single here: