4 Ways to Stay Stylish In Winter Weather

As the January cold truly sets in, it can be difficult to show your personal style under all that bulky (but necessary) outerwear. The need to dress for the frigid, often-unpredictable weather has a tendency to discourage unique outfits, almost putting a “pause” on fashion for these few months. Face it: while we like to think we’re on top of our cold weather style, most of us are guilty of grabbing the coziest things from our closet and throwing on any pair of durable boots and a puffy coat, saving the good stuff for warmer temperatures.

Although this approach is both comfortable and effective, it doesn’t always make for the most stylish expression. Try these few simple pieces to elevate your winter look and give you a chic edge that can’t be found in a North Face catalog. 

Longline Coat

Credit: UO Blog

Credit: UO Blog

One of the best ways to make your cold weather ensemble stand out is to invest in a longline coat. Without the bulk and weight of bigger parkas, this piece ties together any outfit to present you as polished without a loss of the warmth required to survive your outdoor commute. Longline coats can easily be found in many of this season’s most popular colors (grey, navy, black, and camel), each worthy of a spot on any street style blog.

Oversized Scarf

Credit:  Gal Meets Glam

Throwing on a cute, oversized scarf before walking out the door takes mere seconds, but adds emphasis to your look all day long. Add a little pop of excitement to a rather bleak season by pairing tasteful colors (like dark green) or patterns (such as plaid) with a neutral coat. Finding stand-out scarves after the New Year is especially easy, as large retailers like Zara and Madewell often mark scarves down first when making room for their spring lines.

Cross-Body Bag

Credit:  The Moptop

Credit: The Moptop

Since snowy temps often require wearing gloves, it can be difficult to use accessories like bracelets, rings, and watches to put the finishing touches on an outfit. A simple cross-body bag can serve the same role as these common pieces and bring your winter wear from functionable to fashionable. Although black and brown leather bags are forever-loved classics, try experimenting with less traditional options like vivid colors (red and pink) or plush materials (velvet) to make a bold seasonal statement. 

Black Ankle Boots

Credit:  Collage Vintage

A must-have for every style-conscious woman, black ankle boots are the perfect way to handle cold weather and snowy sidewalks without resorting to clunky technical boots. While not everyone can handle the heel pictured above, there are, fortunately, hundreds of variations to choose from. 


It may seem impossible to look put-together during these chilly months; however, with just a few of these essential pieces, your style will shine, no matter how many layers you wear.