A Partnership for a Cause

       This past May, Free people launched a charity-based campaign in partnership with Girls Inc., an organization with a cause that fosters and supports women on their own journey to developing a unique sense of self, identity, and  imaginativeness. Girls Inc. was founded in 1984 and inspires all girls to be brave, courageous, and confident young women of this world in which we live. Programming has a large role in the mission of Girls Inc. and usually includes informal education programs engaging girls in physical, intellectual, and emotional challenges, and some topics addressed include STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education, media literacy, substance and alcohol abuse prevention, athletics, healthy eating, and adolescent health. Additionally, Girls Inc. advocates for legislation and initiatives to work to reduce barriers that many girls face.

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Photo by Zippora Seven, http://www.urbn.com/posts/Free-People-Partners-with-Girls-Inc      

       Each week, Free People featured photographs of inspiring women on their Instagram page who uphold many of Girls Inc.’s ambitions. These features include role models and leaders who on a daily basis make their communities a better environment for girls and women around the world, and of course, encourage them to uphold courage and dignity no matter where or when. In essence, Free People selected girls that they felt best embodied Girls Inc., and with each feature, Free People used the hashtag #FPGirls and made a donation to Girls Inc. in each woman’s name. This past month in December, their partnership came to a close, and with that, over 15 million dollars total were donated to the foundation.

Photo by Magdalena Wosinka, http://www.urbn.com/posts/Free-People-Partners-with-Girls-Inc

       Last fall, Free People welcomed 15 members of Philadelphia’s affiliate program in hopes of bringing young teens closer to their dreams. Many different Free People teams worked with the group and among the favorites of the workshops were the design workshop as well as the collaborative career exploration workshop in which presenters discussed how very often, the hardest roads in life lead us to where we are usually meant to be. Many of the girls were very enthusiastic towards the entire day and expressed a newfound interest in fashion, design, sewing, photography, drawing, and marketing, amongst many more.

       Additionally, Free People donated $0.25 of every customer’s transaction if he or she skipped or reused a cloth Free People bag. With Free People’s help along with many other corporations such as Teavana and Starbucks, 90 percent of young women who are  Girls Inc. scholars will earn degrees and graduate high school. Additionally, over 136,000 young women are supported by Girls Inc. every year. Messages of empowerment, inspiration, and hope undoubtedly reached the hearts of many young women due to this one-of-a-kind partnership.