The Best Homemade Holiday Gifts to Give, as Seen on Your Favorite TV Shows

Homemade holiday gifts have the added bonus of putting personal time and care into the gift, something that store bought items just can’t beat. But, if you’re at a loss as to what to make your significant other this holiday season,  look no further than eight of the your favorite 90s and early 2000s TV shows. From Jim and Pam to Ted and Robin, steal the following stellar gift ideas to make these fantasy romances your reality.


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Chandler and Monica are the ultimate best friends as well as husband and wife goals. For their first Valentine’s Day as a couple, they decide to get each other homemade gifts. Chandler forgets, and digging through his closet to find something that could remotely resemble a gift he could have made, stumbles upon a mixtape. Mixtapes may be irrelevant today unless you’re living that true hipster lifestyle in Brooklyn, but Chandler’s idea is something you can copy. Making a playlist, or even a CD, with a collection of songs that have a deeper meaning in your relationship or just songs your significant other loves is a great personalized gift.

Gilmore Girls

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When the girl of your dreams is set to marry someone else, the only natural thing to do is bring over a chuppah you spent hours making as a wedding gift. Luke making Lorelai a chuppah for her wedding to someone else is heartbreakingly sweet, as we see how he cares so much about her that he is willing to let her go. While not all of us have the time or skills to build one of these, you can re-create Luke’s dedication on a smaller scale. You can make something as simple as a cheese plate or something more complicated like a string art map connecting different locations that have a greater meaning.

How I Met Your Mother

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Ted was Robin’s knight in shining armor, even though he wasn’t her fiance in the moments she needed him most. When Robin couldn’t locate her “something old” for her wedding, a family locket, Ted tracked down old girlfriends, tore apart storage units, and flew to the other side of the country to look for it. Finally locating it, he gifts it back to Robin before her wedding, as just a gift from a “friend.” While you hopefully aren’t in this messy of a love story, you can pass down a piece of family jewelry this holiday season. For mothers to give to daughters or boyfriends to give to girlfriends, gifting an old heirloom could be the perfect addition to a jewelry collection without breaking the bank.

Grey's Anatomy

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When you’re both doctors trying to save the world, there’s not a lot of free time to get married. Derek solves this by getting Meredith to stop working for five seconds, writing their vows on a post-it, and then hanging it up on the wall to remind both of them of their promises to each other. You can steal this idea by rewriting your vows or writing out why you love each other on a post-it, in a letter, or if you really want to get fancy, on a canvas your significant other can hang up. This idea may be simple in effort, but the time and dedication you put into it will matter so much more.

One Tree Hill

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It didn’t seem like the popular, all-star basketball player and the shy, studious girl could ever be together, but Nathan and Haley of course proved us wrong and became high school sweetheart goals. Nathan gifts Haley a beaded bracelet, similar to the ones most of us make in preschool, and this simple bracelet continues to come up in other important moments throughout the future seasons. Natan shows us that you don’t need to be a professional jeweler to make perfect jewelry to gift this holiday season, as effort is really what matters most.

Modern Family

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Phil and Claire are the perfect depiction of what a beautifully chaotic balancing act it takes to manage being married, having kids, and running a family. Phil always gets the perfect gifts for Claire to show his appreciation for her being the glue that holds their family together, but his cutest gift for her was the viewmaster filled with old pictures of them together. By collecting photos and putting them together in an album, picture frames, or in a movie, you can create a visual roadmap of your most special memories together with anyone from your parents to your best friend or significant other.

Gossip Girl

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There will never be a couple that rivals the power that Chuck and Blair hold. Together, they are unstoppable and their love story that evolved throughout the seasons is one fit for the King and Queen they are. When Chuck finally works up the courage to tell Blair that he loves her, he brings her all of her favorite things from Europe. Sadly, most of us can’t afford to jet off to Europe just to collect our significant other’s favorite brand of macarons, but you can re-make Chuck’s gift into something more reasonable by using his reasoning. He gets Blair all of these gifts because he sees her in everything, so think of something meaningful in your relationship or something that reminds you of your significant other for your gift!

The Office

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Everyone was rooting for Jim and Pam to get together since the first season. When Jim picked Pam for office Secret Santa in the second season, their supporters cheered and then cried tears of joy when they saw he came up with the perfect gift for her. In addition to buying a teapot she wanted, Jim collected funny mementos of inside jokes between the two of them, like his high school yearbook picture and a packet of hot sauce. Collecting common items that have an uncommon meaning between you and your best friend is a fun and meaningful take on a homemade holiday gift.

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