Victoria's Secret Pink Angel, Zuri Tibby, Visits the M Den upon Launch of New Women's Department


Last Thursday I had the opportunity to sit down with Zuri Tibby, one of Victoria’s Secret Pink’s newest Angels, at The M Den’s new Women’s Department grand opening. We talked traveling, modeling, brand impact, and even the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!



TM: What’s your favorite aspect of Pink’s collegiate line and why?

ZT: I didn’t go to school right away so it’s really exciting getting to visit a ton of different campuses across the US while promoting the line. I’ve met a ton of really cool students and the collegiate line has something for everyone. There’s hats, sports bras, tracksuits, and sweatshirts. All the styles are unique across all different colleges, and it gives college students or fans an opportunity to add a new flare to existing college merchandise and gear.



TM: What’s your favorite part about working for VS Pink?

ZT: There’s a ton of energy across all the models and employees. It’s a very fun, exciting, and refreshing environment! We get to travel a ton and it’s so awesome to have the opportunity to experience so many different cultures. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is in Shanghai this year, and I absolutely cannot wait to see the city with both friends and family. I also love all the clothes that we model.


TM: What’s the hardest part about being a VS PINK Model?

ZT: It’s a very busy job, and I’m usually always on the go. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I usually just try to prepare for travelling by hydrating and relaxing. There’s a lot of self-care and mental preparation involved before any fashion show or photoshoot, but there is so much support amongst all the models and the staff. We all calm each other’s nerves and sometimes workout together. For me, it’s really important to make time for friends and family during a busy schedule as well. Balance is key.



TM: Where and when was the favorite photo shoot you’ve had while modeling for PINK and what did you model?

ZT: My favorite photo shoot would have to be VS Pink’s Saint’s Bart photo shoot of April 2016. We were on the beach under beautiful weather and I was with some of my closest friends. I was modeling with [my friend] Grace as well and we had music going the whole shoot. We were all having a good time together and it felt more like a vacation than it did work. That’s what I love about being a model for VS Pink; it’s both work and fun. Everyone’s so supportive. We’re all just a huge family and really close.


TM: What impact do you believe Victoria’s Secret Pink has on teens and women?

ZT: VS Pink is a very positive and inclusive brand. The designers and brand developers really focus on diversity not just in their merchandise but who their brand reaches. There’s a ton of positive energy across the Victoria’s Secret world, and the best part is it’s truly a lifestyle brand. Victoria’s Secret Pink can relate to any collegiate woman.


Thank you to Zuri Tibby, Alexandra Scott, Sevan Kalayjian, and the M Den for making this interview possible. For more information on Victoria’s Secret Pink, please visit their website at or check out their Instagram account @vspink.