The Best Colors to Wear This Winter (That Aren’t Black)

As soon as winter hits, all anyone seems to wear is black. Maybe it’s because the dark color reflects our feelings of the bitterly cold and icy times, or maybe it’s just because it’s the easiest color to wear. But, if you’re not feeling the all black vibe this season and want to branch out to show a pop of color, there are a ton of others perfect for winter.

Winter White


No one is supposed to wear white after Labor Day, but the rise of winter shades tells us that it’s okay to break this fashion rule, too. Winter white is more of a cream color than regular summer white, and stands out in the bleak backdrop of the winter months. While this is the brightest trending color for the winter, it is still easy to match with and can be toned down by other darker colors.



Burgundy has always been a great color for the winter. It’s a dark enough version of red where you won’t totally stand out, but still adds a little color to the bleak environment. This wine color is easy to incorporate into your wardrobe or beauty routine. Burgundy is also a high fashion way of slowly getting into the holiday cheer and can be seen just about everywhere.

Army Green


While army green is usually thought of as a fall color, there is nothing stopping you from wearing it this winter. Variations such as hunter green or emerald have become more popular colors for different articles of clothing, ranging from puffy winter jackets to jeans. This color is muted enough where it is still easy to match with, but gives you a nice contrast from the bright snow and gray skies.



Navy is another easy alternative to black, as it is dark enough, easy to match with, and a little more interesting. Variations of dark blue have also become more common in the winter season, as more people feel like it is time to branch out from black. And, while wearing navy and black together was once forbidden in the fashion world, it has started to become acceptable to break this rule.



If you like hibernating in dark colors throughout the winter months and think burgundy is a too much for you, eggplant is your new best friend. This purple color is a darker alternative to the wine red color, and is a unique color to incorporate into your wardrobe this winter.



The next best color is gray. Gray is the new black, and can be seen in clothing for every single season, and winter is no exception. It’s a comfort color that isn’t too light but still isn’t too dark, so you won’t feel like you’re hibernating all winter long. It is also a color that can be reflected in a comfy outfit, like the perfect sweatpants and sweatshirt groufit, or a more high end outfit.

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