Everything Old is New Again

My grandma wore bell bottom jeans. It sounds strange, but looking back at old photos, it’s true. It made me realize that a lot of fashion isn’t exactly new, but is in fact recycled, modified a bit, and advertised as the latest trend. People are lined up to buy into it, to feel like they are part of the “in crowd.”

Bell bottoms or flares are one such example.  Made popular in the late 1960’s and 1970’s by the “hippie” crowd and by songs such as “Bell Bottom Blues” by Derek and the Dominoes, bell bottoms made a comeback in the 1990s, marketed this time as “boot cut.” This version was slightly slimmer than the extremely wide 1970’s bell bottoms. Once again in our current day, bell bottoms or flares with high waists are coming back to the fashion scene, with brands like Forever 21 and Free People embracing the trend.

The 80’s trends have also made quite a few reappearances. Pegging or rolling jeans was something all the cool high school and college kids did to add a little flare to their denim look. Now, the same thing can be seen by men and women on campuses across the world. Pairing it with a fresh white sneaker also gives it a current vibe. Along with this, huge hoop earrings have recently resurfaced, seen today all over accessories pages and in lines from Bauble Bar to Barney’s.

Another trend popping up in fashion magazines originated in the 90’s. Menswear inspired fashions, such as trousers, have made a big comeback and can be seen in the aisles of Express and Anthropologie. Trousers were a 90’s staple made popular by young actresses of the time such as Julia Roberts who favored oversized men’s suits. Track pants were another 90’s trend that have been recycled and are current on the fashion scene, marking the appearance of “Athleisure.” A look that began with The Spice Girls in the 90s is frequented by the likes of Rihanna today.

Looking back at all the trends made new again, it makes me realize that everything old becomes new again. Next time I’m sorting through clothes, giving things away to Goodwill that are no longer in style, I will pause. Maybe some of clothes falling out of fashion are actually worth hanging on to.


picture from prettylittlefawn.com

picture from prettylittlefawn.com

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