Fashion is No Longer Just “Pretty,” and That’s a Good Thing

By: Madi Kantor

For a long time, fashion was all about being pretty. Everything from the runway to what was worn on the streets needed to fit into this classification in order to be accepted. This is hard to imagine living in the world we do today, as fashion is no longer centered around one accepted idea.


“Pretty” may classify one designer, brand, or individual’s style, but it is no longer the high bar that every person needs to meet in order to be considered fashionable. One direction we have moved towards is something called “ugly chic.” While the name of this new wave of fashion may make old fashion icons cringe, it is really about embracing what each individual sees as trendy and stylish. This push towards getting individuals to express what they like through their wardrobe is one that accepts every single person in every facet, and no longer makes fashion as elite of a field as it once was.

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Individualism is something that has become more and more important in our world each day. From being able to stand up for ourselves with our voices to choosing to mix and match patterns, we are now looked at as individuals able to express our own ideas in whatever way we please. Millennials have latched onto the “ugly chic” trend and ran with it, owning the new facet of life in which they can mold their appearances to their own liking. The basis of the “ugly chic” trend can be boiled down to rebelling against conformity. In order to be trendy or fashion forward, you no longer have to be on top of specific Spring 2018 lines, or drop thousands on one new pair of shoes. Today, street style and retro pieces can be found in second hand shops or in stores like Urban Outfitters and Free People, who are constantly pushing the boundaries of “pretty”.


Every single person wakes up in the morning and has to choose what clothing to put on in the morning. What we choose to wear is an expression of who we are, and with the fashion field opening to having more than one definition of trendy, our individual differences are now easier than ever to express. Millennials are pushing for changes in every aspect of our daily lives, and it makes sense that they are pushing the boundaries of fashion, so it doesn’t just have to be “pretty chic” anymore. Now more than ever, we can portray any version of ourselves through our clothing and, often, still appear trendy.

Madi KantorComment