Ann Arbor Farmer's Market: Buying Local

By Alex Andersen

The Ann Arbor Farmers Market is a lively event in Kerrytown that brings together farmers and Ann Arbor locals twice a week. It contains booths selling a wide range of goods, from apples to flowers to bakery items.


Many of the farmers run family businesses, one of which has been making and selling honey for 35 years.

The family divides up the labor so that each member has a different role. His products ranged from bottled honey to candles to chapstick.

Another farmer selling peppers explained the significance of buying local: the larger corporations pick the peppers green—before they ripen—for economic purposes, whereas local farmers wait until they mature and change colors. This method of harvesting allows the peppers to reach their maximum nutritional value.

Buying produce from places like the Ann Arbor Farmers Market not only supports local farmers but promotes a healthier and more connected community.

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