Student Spotlight: Carly Gatto

By: Muriel Steinke

carly gatto is a freshman in the nursing program, a fierce advocate for women, and as of last february, an oscar winner.

“In the rural village of Hapur, outside of Delhi, India, women hope to make feminine hygiene supplies easily available and end the stigma surrounding menstruation, which often results in girls having to drop out of school. A machine that makes sanitary pads is installed, and the women operating it find financial security and independence.” -Period. End of Sentence Synopsis from Oscars Official Website

via Netflix

via Netflix

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“No one really quite understands how much its impacting them, mainly in terms of education. [The film] is about raising awareness but also understanding [what] they’ve built in terms of the micro-economy and the jobs that its provided.”

-Carly Gatto

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Carly became involved with the pad project when through a club at her high school after being inspired by her english teacher melissa berton’s passion for the mission. berton and gatto went on to become producers for period. end of sentence which was nominated and later won for best documentary short at the 2019 oscars.

“Our objective is always just understanding how people can have access to pads. So for me I can just run to CVS on State Street and its not a big deal. For other people, maybe at a homeless shelter, they get donations. For the girls in Hapur, they use the machine. So you have to look at it every step of the way…People can help in different ways, from donations to publicity, anything to spread the message.” -Carly Gatto


“A period should end a sentence. not a woman’s education.” -The pad project

Producer Melissa Berton (Center) and Director Rayka Zehtabchi (Right) accepting the award last February.  Via Getty Images

Producer Melissa Berton (Center) and Director Rayka Zehtabchi (Right) accepting the award last February. Via Getty Images

“When I heard [we won] I was shocked because like they said in the speech, “A film about periods just won an Oscar” like that’s the craziest thing. It made me think that in some ways the world is progressing to a good place.” -Carly Gatto

Carly is continuing her work by interning with the pad project this summer and she is eager to talk to anyone who is interested in getting involved.

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Period. End of sentence is streaming now on netflix

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