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SHEI Magazine is a University of Michigan student-run fashion, art, and pop culture publication. Everything from the photography, writing, modeling, editing, and publicity of our bi-yearly print publications and monthly digital mini is created by students who attend the University of Michigan. Founded in 1999, SHEI Magazine continues to produce issues of professional quality, as well as provide real-world experience to students interested in journalism, publishing, and the fashion industries.

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Fjällräven was founded in 1960, but only became popularized in America within the last few years. This is one of many examples of the recent trend of reinventing fashion from the past, and reinforcing the idea of recycled fashion. This ranges from things such as boyfriend jeans to jellied shoes to brand specific fashion statements such as the Adidas Stan Smith shoe, created in 1971 but only recently popularized.

Backpacks, while traditionally made for the sole purpose of function, have began to become more relevant in the modern fashion world. They have gained a considerable amount of recognition through the success of heritage style backpack brands such as Herschel and Fjällräven. They have become so successful that even amidst the 2014 decline in handbag sales, backpack sales still increased by 18%.

Fjällräven is one of the most successful heritage pack brands today. While originally created as a bag for older people which incorporated the ideas of sustainability and durability, the brand has now been taken over by young people. While founded in Sweden, the bag has sales stretching from Europe, to North America, to Asia. Though they have been in the market for over 50 years, their first North American store didn’t open until November 2013. Since then, they’ve partnered with countless retail and department stores such as Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, etc. to make the bags more easily accessible to purchase.

The Kanken comes in virtually every color imaginable, and boasts moisture repelling fabric, a full suitcase-style zipper, back support, and multi-purpose straps (the bag can be carried as a tote or as a backpack). It is most commonly used for everyday life, though it can also be taken outdoors. The 13” laptop Kanken retails for $110.00.




Herschel is another brand which is, arguably, the most popular heritage backpack brand of today. The company was founded in 2009 in Canada, and they had the mission of providing consumers with a bag reminiscent of an America from years past. The company focuses on delivering durability and quality in their bags, and uses materials such as heavyweight cotton canvas and full grain leather in their crafting. Herschel was the first company to succeed in perfecting a formula for a bag which could be worn both in everyday life and fashionably by a wide age group, delivered on quality, and was affordable for the average consumer.

The self titled Heritage Backpack is one of its bestselling bags, likely due to its top notch functionality. The backpack contains pads on the shoulder straps and back, which gives a laptop added protection if put into the internal back elasticated section of the bag. It has numerous pockets on both the inside and outside of the bag, which allow for greater organization. The Heritage backpack also comes in numerous colors, though the inside typically contains the same red and white pattern. The mid-volume style retails for $59.99.


Aside from reasonably priced backpacks which can be seen on the streets in everyday life, high end fashion designers have also put their own spins on fashionable backpacks. Though the price tags for these bags range in the thousands, they are designed with a decent amount of minimalism and may not be easily recognizable as their respective brands initially.

Ever since 1984 when Prada’s signature black backpack was first released, the brand has introduced more versions of the bag with heftier price tags. One of these is the signature ‘it’ bag with virtually no differences aside from the addition of ostrich leather all around the exterior. The bag is designed too small to fit a laptop or standard sized notebook, making it less reasonable for use by students. The ostrich leather version of the bag retails for $3,710 USD.


The Fendi Selleria bag comes in a variety of designs. One particular Selleria backpack comes in a green calf leather, and it features an expression of shock on the front black leather pouch of the bag. It has largely the same features as any other typical bag, with a mesh backing, a separate section on the inside, and an exterior zipped pocket. The Selleria bag retails for $2,980 USD.