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SHEI Magazine is a University of Michigan student-run fashion, art, and pop culture publication. Everything from the photography, writing, modeling, editing, and publicity of our bi-yearly print publications and monthly digital mini is created by students who attend the University of Michigan. Founded in 1999, SHEI Magazine continues to produce issues of professional quality, as well as provide real-world experience to students interested in journalism, publishing, and the fashion industries.

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Kennedy Clark

As the colder months of winter approach, a plethora of women have started to grow out their summer cuts. But for plenty of women, short hair is not a fad, but a lifestyle. Women who commit to rejecting the generally conventional measure of femininity. It's rare to hear anyone reference the short hair of a man. The term short in reference to hair is almost always applied to women as an anomalistic feature. "Short hair" of most women would be considered abnormally long for most men. Across cultures, hair can appear shorter than it is because of how tightly coiled the curls are. Therefore hegemonic cultures tend to ignore the different states hair can have and define it strictly in two superficial categories.

Because hegemonic beauty standards are so deeply ingrained in America, women with hair that is above shoulder length are made hyper aware of their hair and the ways in which society perceives it as unconventional. Thus this article looks to anecdotally explore the ways in which culture has affected the relationship and reactions women have with their hair and also celebrate the #shorthairdontcare fad they embody daily.

Eaux Claires: A New Kind of Music Festival

Lauren Guldan

Music festivals have become a summer staple, and there are dozens happening across the country from May to August. This year though, there’s a newcomer to the festival scene called Eaux Claires. Organized and curated by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame and The National’s Aaron Dessner, this event is one that indie music fans won’t want to miss. SHEI got the opportunity to talk with Eaux Claires’ creative director, Michael Brown, about the production process and the motivation behind the festival’s creation, which features artists such as Sylvan Esso, Spoon, Sufjan Stevens, and Bon Iver. The festival takes place July 17-18 in Vernon’s hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. First announced at the end of last year with the lineup following in February, Eaux Claires started to quickly come into being before our eyes. “The festival in general has always been a dream of Justin’s,” Brown said. “It’s been an emphasis of his to build up the community that he came from. That’s part of the reason that he’s still living in the Eau Claire area.” Vernon and Dessner are close friends, so when Crash Line Productions started working with Dessner, it wasn’t long before Vernon got involved too. Together they co-curated the festival’s lineup, reaching out to artists from a wide range of genres. “What’s so unique and great about this festival is that it is artist curated and artist driven,” Brown said. “[In] other music festivals, the lineup is usually created based off of what’s currently available or what bands are on tour. With [Eaux Claires] being curated by Justin, it represents exactly what he wants to see in terms of diversity of music.”

justin and aaron

Meanwhile, Brown’s work as creative director involves shaping the overall aesthetic of the festival and managing the various creative initiatives. He got involved after working as the production designer for both Bon Iver and The National, and he’s also working on set design and creating art installations for the festival. “We’re really try to push the boundaries in terms of audience interactions in a performance environment, and as part of that we’re definitely curating certain art elements to play up that fact,” Brown said. “Specifically, we’re trying to create these small stages within the overall festival that are performance environments that you would never see or normally experience. It’s going to be pretty special to see everyone work together and see these surprise collaborations inside of the performance spaces.” These spaces promote a sense of community and collaboration that is central to the overall message of the festival, which connects back to the setting of the festival in the town of Eau Claire. “The idea behind the name [of the festival] being a play on the French pluralization of the city name is that we’re creating a village within this city,” Brown said. “Specifically a village that’s trying to emphasize the creative community that’s come out of here.”

It’s clear that this festival has something new to offer, not just in terms of the wide variety of musical content spanning multiple genres, but also through the way in which the music will be presented and experienced by the audience and everyone involved. “The goal of this festival is that it becomes an event that the entire community and everybody coming embraces regardless of what artists are being presented this year,” says Brown. “It’s about the entire curation of this community that we’re creating.” This sense of community, collaboration, and innovation is what truly turns Eaux Claires into an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Photos courtesy of

Fashion for Freedom: Students Against Sexual Objectification in Advertising

Jordan Swope

"One, two, three, four - that's not what our bodies are for!" Impassioned voices interrupted the normal Ann Arbor bustle Friday afternoon, when the University of Michigan student organization Fashion for Freedom marched down State Street.

"Five, six, seven, eight - stop the ads, stop the rape!"

Fashion for Freedom is a student-run organization that was founded based on the desire to help end the sexual objectification of women in advertising.

"We got inspired by the idea of being respectful of women in fashion," Mary Dudek said. Dudek is one of the group's leaders.  "Advertisements hold such an influence in culture."  The group believes that the objectification of women contributes to a sexualized society that perpetuates rape culture and sex trafficking, and hopes that by eliminating this objectification in advertising, they may help reduce those other issues.

The organization staged a two-part event Friday to bring their message to campus.  Part performance art and part a march to applaud and protest certain retailers, the group cautioned locals to "shop responsibly."


The event began with a pseudo-fashion show on the Diag.  Eight models stood in two lines with stoic faces, taking turns walking down a mock runway, each holding an advertisement with a statistic written on the back.  The advertisements were examples of sexual objectification throughout the ages, ranging from 1950s style slogans like "Show her it's a man's world" to advertisements from current magazines.



The harrowing statistics on the back served as an illustration of how sexual objectification perpetuates a culture full of sexism, violence, and human trafficking; They hope to enlighten the world about how sexual objectification can contribute to rape culture, due to how sexual objectification often portrays women as submissive to men. Human trafficking generates 9.5 billion yearly in the U.S. The average age of entry into prostitution for a child victim in the U.S. is 13-14 years old. 1 in 3 teens on the streets are forced to prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home. 1 in 4 college women will be sexually assaulted.


It was refreshing to see a diverse mix of women represented among the models, serving as a reminder that these are real women who don't deserve to be victimized. It shouldn't take sexual objectification to sell a product.

"It's wrong to treat women as objects. These models are real people," Dudek said.  "They are deserving of respect. They're more than their sexuality."

Fashion for Freedom has visited numerous retailers in Ann Arbor, asking them to help their campaign by taking a pledge not to objectify women in their advertising.  Many local stores agreed, including Get Up Vintage Apparel, Ragstock, Bivouac, Pitaya, and Adorn Me.

After the pseudo-fashion show, the organization marched down State Street, visiting several retailers to applaud the ones that took the pledge and protesting the ones that continue to promote sexual objectification in their advertising.

"Hey hey, no no, ads like these have got to go!" The group chanted their way from the Diag to State Street, turning heads and generating both cheers and curiosity from passers-by.


After visiting Bivouac, Pitaya, and Get Up Vintage, thanking them for their effort to support their campaign, the group visited two major retailers that did not take their pledge - Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Dudek noted these companies as being "notorious" for objectifying women in their advertising.

They entered these businesses chanting, commanding the store's attention.

"We are Fashion for Freedom. We would like to acknowledge that this store has not supported our campaign to end the sexual objectification of women in advertising.  As a result,  they are more a part of the problem than the solution that leads to things like violence and rape culture and human trafficking.  Please join us in a moment of silence for all the women who have suffered as a result of sexual objectification."

There was tension in each store as music played in the background and workers continued with what they were doing, but there is no doubt that the students had the attention of everyone in the stores.


The organization ultimately hopes to help people know where to shop and to understand the importance of ending sexual objectification in advertising.

Though the fashion industry and retailers as a whole may have a way to go in eliminating sexual objectification, this passionate group succeeded in getting several retailers in Ann Arbor to agree to respectful advertising - a first step in an important battle.

"What do we want? Respect! When do we want it? Now!

View the video of the Diag fashion show here. View the video of the march here.

Photos by Rachel Beglin.

Michigan's Own Willy Wonka

Lauren Guldan

Students at the University of Michigan are always told to be ambitious; the Ann Arbor lifestyle practically demands greatness, because after all, what other school’s fight song assumes that they've already won the game (“Hail to the victors, valiant…”)? These high expectations manifest themselves in a variety of ways, from high-profile doctors to future presidents. For Michigan alumnus and former SHEIstaff member Roger Ling, the Michigan difference has manifested itself in a more unique fashion: chocolate.

After years of internships and time at several major companies, Ling and his business partner Kamran Amir Ali founded Chococurb; this online venture is riding the wave of subscription services, like Birchbox and Popsugar, to success. Customers subscribe to receive a personalized gift box each month filled with delectable artisanal chocolates.

“We’re basically a chocolate discovery platform,” Ling explained during a phone conversation on a gray day from his base in Seattle, Washington. For Ling, it’s all about “creating a more fun, immersive experience for chocolate-lovers.”

This means that every one of their chocolates is carefully sourced and taste-tested by Ling and his partner. These aren’t your average Hershey’s bars; choices range from Coffee & Cream bars from the Congo to unique combinations like pretzels, caramel, and almonds, all served up in an adorable blue box. “I love sweets,” Ling said, so his sweet tooth combined with his passion for business makes this venture seem like the perfect fit.

Ling’s time at Michigan certainly contributed to his sense of innovation and ambition. He participated in all the “typical college stuff,” from Circle K to Intramural Sports to RA duties, in addition to his work with SHEI. After college, he worked at several ventures in the Seattle area, which is a hotbed for technology and business. “I actually don’t really understand people who aren’t driven and ambitious,” Ling said.

But all of that well-rounded ambition doesn’t mean that there weren't challenges along the way. Starting a new business is difficult even with all the experience and education in the world. “Every day is a learning experience,” Ling explained. “I’ve had to learn about things like packaging, supply chains.” When they were starting out, Ling and Ali would cold call businesses and chocolate suppliers, constantly working to expand their network. “Now we have more people reaching out to us,” Ling said, which is an encouraging sign that the company is gaining steam.

Chococurb has grown from a relatively simple subscription service into an online store where customers can purchase their favorite sweets. Chococurb also features a blog that is being developed that will focus on the craft of chocolate-making, helping to connect users to the products they’re consuming.

Customers have responded well to these new innovations, and they regularly voice their appreciation to Ling. “The feedback we’ve gotten so far has been very positive,” Ling said. The best part of this venture for him has been hearing how well the customers respond to the products. Their upcoming challenges are to continue building brand awareness and growing both quickly and responsibly.

Ling has set his sights high, and he’s not afraid to work for it. Ling hopes that eventually Chococurb may become one of the top companies in the chocolate business. Success is going to be sweet.

Photos courtesy of

The Blind Pig Hosts the "Watch Yo Mouth" Tour

Lauren Guldan

When local musician Munch steps out to the emerging crowd that saturates the floor of the Blind Pig, the energy shifts as the low buzz of the crowd gives way to a deep drop of the beat. Hardcore fans and local music enthusiasts push towards the stage as he grabs the microphone and commands the attention of the crowd during his set. maher (1 of 14)


KylMorr, Drew32, and Sweens follow as additional openers before the members of the "Watch Yo Mouth" tour finally take the stage. Fans of the various local openers mill around the bar, then head deeper into the crowd when the speakers blast introductions for the long-awaited headlining performances.

Headliner Sam Lachow’s set begins with his singer Ariana, whose ethereal voice pulls the crowd into a trance before Lachow shatters the stillness when the beat drops. His set manages to combine an intensely felt rhythm with clever lyrics. By this point, the crowd has expanded to the point where Lachow is even able to pull off a feat not usually plausible in more intimately spaced venues like the Blind Pig—crowd surfing.

sam (15 of 48)


Before the show, Lachow reflected on the excitement surrounding this tour as he takes in the throngs of fans lining up at the door. “This tour so far has exceeded my expectations; I’ve done five tours and they’ve all been super up and down,” Lachow said. “This tour has been nothing but great, and I can already tell this is gonna be a fun one too. The crowd is bigger than I expected and the venue’s been nice to us.”

Lachow crafts a unique sound based on his rich background of musical performance. For this artist, the world of vocal performance began as early as his elementary school days and continued on into middle school with the formation of his band, Shankbone. But despite his love for being part of a group, Lachow transitioned to a solo act after meeting a man in New York who offered to manage him on the recommendation that Lachow branch out on his own.

sam (7 of 48)

In the wake of his successful solo tours, there still is plenty more on the horizon for Lachow’s career. In the past few days of the tour, Lachow has been tossing around the idea of forming another band, although he still has no concrete plans for who will be joining him in this venture. “I just like experimenting. I want to definitely produce for a lot more people; I don’t want it to be all centered on me,” Lachow said. “I like collaborating more than anything and helping other people get their talents out there.”

The final headlining act, Arizona-based rapper Futuristic, finishes out a great show with a combination of covers and originals, including a heart wrenching number detailing the rapper’s own life journey.

future (37 of 72)


The Blind Pig was excited to present the local crowd with a number of artists who had previously not performed at this venue. The electricity of the fans in this particular space was something both headliners had to look forward to for the first time, but even some local acts were making an appearance for the first time at the Blind Pig. Concert opener Munch has been performing in various locations in the area, and was excited to grace the stage at a classic Ann Arbor venue. “I put on my 15-minute set and had a great time,” Munch said. “There was a great energy in the crowd, and I had a great first performance ever at the Blind Pig.”

Photography by Gwen McKee.

6 Ways to Amp Up Your Hairstyles

Carly Griffin

As busy college students on the go, we often maximize our sleep time by cutting our morning routine in half. We find ourselves sinking into the same routine over and over again, with the same clothes, quick makeup, and exact same hairstyle. But switching up your routine can be an easy way to shake up your day and give you that extra uumph. The easiest way to do this is with your hair; there are so many styles that can be done in five minutes or less that will make you look and feel put together without hurting your schedule.

  1. Braided headband

This always looks super cute when you want your hair to look classy while also staying out of your face. Starting from one side, grab a section of hair behind your ear and French braid around your hairline all the way to the other side. Make sure to keep picking up new pieces along the way! Tuck the braid behind your other ear and pin it under your hair. Pull on the pieces to make it loose, and voila! A chic 'do in no time at all!

braid headband

  1. Simple Twist

This one is super easy—it’s my go-to when my hair is down. Take the front piece of your hair on one side and twist it back. Pin it with some bobby pins and then pull on the twist just a bit to make it look loose and effortless.

  1. Beachy waves

If you have just a few more minutes to spare, try shaking it up with this boho look. Take a 1” curling wand and loosely curl small sections of your hair away from your face. Then, flip your head upside down and shake out your hair so the curls pull apart. Add some sea salt spray—my favorite is Tresemme’s Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray. This will leave you with gorgeous hair that will make you look like you just spent all day at the beach.

BROOKLYN DECKER at Battleship Photocall in Hamburg

  1. Boho Braided Crown

If you’ve already got the beachy waves going, amp it up even further with a simple crown braid. Take the front pieces of your hair on one side and braid them towards the back of your head. Do the same with your hair from the other side, and pin it so it overlaps with the other braid. Pull out some pieces of the braid to make it look effortless, and this hairstyle is complete!

  1. Ponytail with a Twist

This look is perfect for those who love a good ponytail but want to shake it up a bit. All you have to do is pull your hair back in a ponytail, either messy or sleek. Then, take a long strand from the ponytail and braid it. Loosen it up a bit, and then wrap it around the ponytail holder before pinning it down. This is the best way to change up a simple style with very little effort.

  1. Space Buns

If you’re ready to be more daring with your hair, then this look is for you. Space buns are becoming more and more popular, and this eclectic style takes just one more step than a normal top bun. Part your hair in the middle and pull one side to the top of your head like a really high pigtail. Then wrap it in a coil like a normal top bun, and secure with bobby pins. Do the same thing with the other side, and then you’re done!

space buns

With these simple hairstyles, you can easily refresh your daily look without wasting too much of your precious time in the morning!

Don't Get Caught Without Your S•PACK

Lotte Hurkmans

Ever feel like you could use a quick refresher after a night out or an intense workout? We've all been there, and now you no longer need to carry around a large makeup bag from place to place (or bar to bar). Twin sisters Mariel and Juliette Reiss realized this problem was all too common for many women, and created a product called S•PACK. This small package fits perfectly into a backpack, purse, or clutch. The S•PACK includes a  mini-toothbrush, toothpaste, a makeup removing cleanser wipe, a deodorant cloth, and a hair-tie. By simply sticking an S•PACK in your bag, you never again have to worry about getting off a long flight looking tired and less-than-refreshed, or looking disheveled during a dreaded Saturday morning walk home.

After launching in January of this year, S•PACK has begun to make its impact around Ann Arbor, and the rest of the country. As college students themselves, Mariel at the University of Michigan and Juliette at the University of Pennsylvania combined their efforts to set up S•PACK at college campuses all over the country with the help of their Campus Representatives.


For everyone residing in Ann Arbor, you can pick up your own S•PACK at Bivouac on State Street, otherwise Amazon and the SPACK website can help you get your hands on this must-have product for every girl on the go. No lady should have to worry about her looks at any time of the day, and S•PACK can help ensure that you'll always be at the top of your game and prepared for any emergency life may throw at you.

Make sure to stop by the SHEI Magazine launch party on April 11th to pick up a gift bag with your very own S•PACK!

The Real Devil in Prada

Bianca Arredondo

Since the iconic movie The Devil Wears Prada first debuted, fans have attempted to find connections between the film's demanding leading lady Miranda Priestly and real-life Vogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, nicknamed “Nuclear Wintour” for her cold and intimidating demeanor. Here are a few striking similarities between the two legends:

  1. They both serve as Editor-in-chief for an iconic fashion magazine.
  2. They both have two children and are divorced.
  3. Both were born in England.
  4. They both got their start in the business at European fashion magazines before transferring to New York.
  5. Both women are known for their strong, egotistical, and cutthroat personalities.
  6. They are both demanding bosses.

While Lauren Weisberger, the author of The Devil Wears Prada, has never fully admitted that Anna Wintour was her inspiration for Miranda Priestly's character, there are certainly plenty of similarities connecting the two! The two editors’ offices seek to look almost identical (Rumor has it that the movie inspired Anna Wintour to redecorate her own office).

Photo Courtesy of:

As Editor-in-chief for American Vogue since 1988, Anna Wintour is undeniably one of the premiere fashion legends of modern day. She credits her father for giving her a start in fashion by helping her land a boutique sales job at the age of 15. By the age of 21 she had already become one of the first editorial assistants for Harper’s Queen, a product of the merging between Harper’s Bazaar UK and the magazine Queen. However, after disagreements with her co-workers, she quit her job and relocated to the United States. After only nine months as a junior fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar in New York, she was fired for leading more controversial shoots than the magazine wished to promote. But over time, she eventually began attaining leadership positions, where her unusual fashion spreads gradually gained more respect with the changing industry. By 1979 she became a fashion editor for New York magazine, where she discovered that celebrity covers were a great way to sell magazines. In 1983, she became Vogue’s first creative director. However, her controversial nature prevailed, as she often clashed with members of the Vogue staff due to the changes she would make to the magazine without first consulting then-Editor-in-chief Grace Mirabella. During a one-on-one meeting with Mirabella, the Editor-in-chief asked Wintour what she wanted at Vogue; Wintour famously replied, “Your job.”

Photo Courtesy of

Two years later, Wintour took complete control over British Vogue, becoming Editor-in-chief at a magazine for the first time in her career. She made many changes to the magazine, including hiring new staffers and adapting the magazine to follow a more Americanized version of Vogue. Because of her radical changes and impersonal nature, she quickly became known as “Nuclear Wintour,” a nickname that still sticks with her to this day. In 1988, she finally got her dream job: Editor-in-chief at Vogue in the United States. But the legend of Anna Wintour doesn’t stop at her success story. She rose to the top of the fashion industry and became a true powerhouse, retaining her role for 27 years (and still counting). But what truly makes her notorious is her cold, no-nonsense, and hard-to-break personality.

Photo Courtesy of

Like Miranda Priestly, Anna Wintour is infamous for being a demanding boss; she controls as much of Vogue as possible, and has the last say over everything that goes to print. She isn’t afraid to tell anyone what she wants, either. In 2009, she told Oprah Winfrey to lose 20 pounds if she wanted to get on the cover of Vogue, and Oprah complied. Even though some may consider Anna Wintour to be the devil in Prada, one has to admire how hard she worked to become Editor-in-chief at Vogue. She failed many times before succeeding, even getting fired from Harper’s Bazaar after a mere nine months. Although some criticize her for having a big ego, her thoughts and ideas revolutionized the fashion industry into what it is today. If she didn’t have confidence in herself and her ideas, celebrities might not have found their way onto the covers of fashion magazines. The ‘fresh-faced beauty’ look might have never made it to fashion magazines, and high-end clothes could have never been considered to mix and match with lower-end pieces.

Now that’s legendary.

Photo Courtesy of

Renew Your Shoe

Lotte Hurkmans

There's one rule I always live by: a girl can never have too many shoes. Money spent on a new pair of killer wedges is always worth it in by book; however, the problem is that by living by this principle, I have acquired such a large collection and realized that some of my older shoes may not be the best fashion choices anymore. Instead of throwing out older pairs simply because I didn't like the pattern on them, I decided to just give them a little bit of new flare. Because flower patterns are absolutely making a statement for the summer season, I decided to give my old pair of heels a little touch of sunflowers. What you need:

  • A pair of shoes
  • Mod Podge
  • Patterned scrapbooking paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil
  • Duct tape (optional)


To begin my shoe project, I found it very difficult to know how to cut out the perfect piece of paper to fit on the shoe. To solve the problem, I used duct tape to cover the entire surface of the shoe where I wanted to add the new pattern. Once I removed the duct tape from the shoe, I had the perfect image of the shoe's surface, and simply traced the duct tape outline onto the scrapbooking paper.


Once you have an outline of the shoe traced onto the scrapbooking paper, all you have to do is cut it out. In order to help the paper stick to the shoe's surface, paint mod podge all over the surface of the shoe, as well as on the bottom of the paper. Once both surfaces have an even layer of glue, carefully place the paper onto the shoe and press it down. Hold the paper down in the difficult areas until it dries, as it may not want to stick on the curvy areas of the shoe. Finally, cover the surface of the shoe with another layer of mod podge and mold the paper to the shoe using your fingers. If any pieces of paper are sticking out, this is also a good time to cut those off.


Let your shoes dry for a few hours, and they will soon be ready to pair with your favorite summer outfits!

Photos by Lotte Hurkmans

Attention Men: Clothes That Make Girls Swoon

Bridget Cook

As Cher Horowitz so eloquently put it in the 1995 film Clueless, “I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all, but I don't get how guys dress today.” And while the exact styles that a lot of boys choose to throw on have changed pretty drastically since Cher’s time, this sentiment still persists. For some reason, a lot of college boys don't realize that by putting on a real outfit, they can instantly increase their standing in girls’ minds. Now, a nice outfit does not just mean choosing a piece from Ralph Lauren and calling it a day. No matter what brands of clothes are worn, proper fitting and taste level is more important when it comes to catching a girl’s eye. Dressing up will not only help you out in the girl department, but it will also better prepare you for the business world, where looking good is a crucial part of the interview process.

The first step in planning a killer wardrobe is working with color. Finding a color palette that you not only like, but that complements your skin tone and eye color is imperative before purchasing any physical pieces.

For lighter skin, dark greens, light blues, and dark khakis are great colors for playing up your skin tone rather than washing it out.

Dark Green

Dark Khaki

For medium skin, greys, pastel yellows, and greens are all a good place to start.

For dark skin, cherry reds, light purples, and creamy oranges will make heads turn in the best way.

When it comes to matching eye color, there are plenty of avenues to take. Make blue eyes pop with a grey, tan, or pink tie (or any other accessory). If you have green eyes, play up this rarity with a pop of green or red. For hazel or brown eyes, try a lavender or charcoal piece in your look.

On the other hand, fit is a whole different story, and it usually requires a tailor to get just right. But try bringing someone who knows their menswear to check the fit of your clothing next time you go shopping if you don’t have the luxury of getting your clothes tailored, as most men don’t. Here are some charts for reference though, if you can’t rely on those other two methods.

Once you have your colors and fit all figured out, it’s time to decide on the actual pieces. While the phrase “nice guys finish last” has been tossed around, that is far from the truth in the clothing category. Girls love guys in suits, khakis, and other professional-looking pieces. These looks show the world that you are put together and responsible, and furthermore adding in some color shows that you are not afraid to take risks. So toss out the saggy pants and the bro tanks, leave your sweats for the gym, and see how it feels to class up your look.

Spot-Free and Squeaky Clean: Skin Care Routine

Carly Griffin

When I was younger, I had impeccable skin. I thought I was blessed, that I would never have to succumb to the uncomfortable middle-school days of raging breakouts and acne scars. But ah, that was a fleeting dream. Soon enough, come high school, I was victim to constant pimples and skin that couldn’t decide if it was hyper-oily or insanely dry. Instead of focusing on skin care, I decided to cover it all up with makeup. After all, if you can’t see it, it becomes less of a problem…right? Then came college, and I quickly realized that I just did not have the time, nor the effort, to continue covering up my blemishes and imperfections every single day. So I became engrossed in skin care and wished to finally reverse the damage that I had caused to my skin for so long. Finally, I’m proud to say that I go to class foundation-free, and only take the time to apply full-face makeup when I have an event. Of course, I need to add some concealer here and there on some minor breakouts, but this skincare routine has not only saved my skin, but has saved my confidence as well.

Morning: Since I have more dry skin than oily, I typically don’t wash my face in the morning. Instead, I just splash water on my face and pat my skin dry with a washcloth. If I wore a full face of makeup the night before, then I usually will wash my face with a very light cleanser. My favorite at the moment is the Purlisee Pur Delicate Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser. This formula is super gentle and doesn’t make your skin feel tight and dry. It’s also a makeup remover, so it’s perfect for getting rid of those last remnants of makeup you may have missed the night before.

After, I simply apply Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment to any breakouts or problem areas I may have. I love to finish off with just a few drops of Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum to make my skin feel soft and hydrated as I start my day.


Evening: This is when I do some heavy cleansing in order to wake up to clear, hydrated, and with glowing skin. I like to remove my makeup with Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. They’re super soft on the skin and do a great job getting rid of even the most stubborn makeup, like waterproof mascara. I then wash my face with my all-time favorite cleanser: Biore’s Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. My skin radically improved after using just this cleanser alone; the charcoal works to pull any dirt or grime out of your pores and makes your face feel incredibly refreshed. Once that’s rinsed off, I then apply a second face wash, Neutrogena’s All-In-One Acne Control Daily Scrub. This formula really works to eliminate acne and acne scars, which is awesome for those of us who struggle with problem breakouts. I let this sit on my face for just a few minutes (usually while I brush my teeth) and then rinse it off.

Biore deep pore charcoal cleanser

Once my skin is dry again, I apply my trusty salicylic acne spot treatment once again. I then follow up with my absolute Holy Grail product. I’m not kidding; if you’re going to take one piece of advice from all of my beauty tips, it is to buy this product and use it religiously. This flawless product is Cococare’s 100% Vitamin E oil, available on Amazon. I struggled a lot with acne scars in the past, but once I introduced this gem into my arsenal, I have never looked back. All you have to do is apply the smallest dab of this product on current zits, acne scars, or dry skin, and then wake up in the morning to clear and gorgeous skin. Vitamin E oil works wonders; it’s one of those crazy natural products that does so much more than rigorous skin treatments for a fraction of the cost. Once that product dries, I finish up by rubbing a few drops of Jojoba oil into my skin as a moisturizer, and then I head to bed!

Cococare 100% Vitamin E Oil

Maintaining perfectly clear skin is next to impossible; the perfect combination of products that will help you attain this goal is not the same for any two people. While I may have found the best solution for my skin, keep in mind that your skin may react completely differently compared to mine. I encourage all of you to keep searching for those Holy Grail face products that will give you the results you desire. In the mean time, check out some of the products in my own skincare routine! This routine has done wonders for me and can very well do the same for you.

What to Wear: Spring is Here!

Lauren Guldan

Michigan's long-awaited spring is finally here. The coming weeks may still be a little chilly, but take a look at some inspiration for spring looks that will help you bear the anticipation for warmer weather. DSC_0320

Patterns and Prints: Fun prints are a key ingredient to any spring look. The trick with mixing prints is to select pieces that fall within the same color palette. A simple dress for spring is a classic favorite, and if it’s a little windy, pair with a lightweight scarf. I love tying the hair up into a high ponytail or a messy bun too keep the scarf from looking too bulky. Complete the look with some ankle boots for those rainy days.



Vintage Crochet: Lace or crochet is a popular choice for spring. I love the vintage feel this light pink top has. High-waisted jeans are ultra flattering, and tend to add some personality to the outfit. If you want to try something new, opt for a pair of ankle-cropped jeans, which will draw attention to your footwear. You can never go wrong with those classic Converse. Style the look with your hair parted down the middle to create a 70s vibe, which is a burgeoning trend at the moment.DSC_0248



Gingham Grunge: If crochet and flirty dresses are not your thing, gingham is always a great alternative option. It’s a trendy spring print and gives the outfit an edgy twist. These gingham pants work perfectly with a cropped blouse, and the chain necklace finishes off the grungy yet put-together feel.




There are so many possibilities for spring, and everyone has their own take on it. Now that the weather is taking a turn for the warmer, have fun with your outfits while trying out some of the season's latest trends.

Model: Elaine Czarnik

Photographer: Eleni Mouzakis

11 DIY Projects for your Apartment

Lotte Hurkmans

With all of our crafting potential to fall back on, there's no reason for anyone to have a boring dorm room or apartment. Lately I have been planning crafts for my house next year, and the brainstorming process has been occupying my free time for a while now. The good news is that there's something thrilling about planning decorations for my future room, and I've been slowly but surely collecting supplies for all my different craft ideas. This lead up to the actual decorating is entertaining, and it also an activity that is sure to keep you busy for months. In order to help get your creative juices flowing, here's a list of crafts that I am saving up to do. With the summer months quickly approaching, now is a great time to begin gathering supplies for these awesome DIY projects. Here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Start a terrarium or teacup garden

2. Make a dream catcher

3. Print your Instagram posts and turn them into a wall collage

4. Make teacup candles

5. Use masking tape to tape decals and shapes onto the walls

6. Take old pillows and make a new cover

7. Crochet a rug

8. Make shelves out of frames, baskets, or magazine racks

9. Make a chalkboard with a decorative frame

10. Make a throw blanket

11. Use old books to hide your router

The fun thing about these projects is that many of the items can be found for a low price at Salvation Army or the Dollar Store. There's no need to go out to the craft store and break the bank on these projects when you can easily find frames, tea cups, and pillows second hand for less than half the price! And who knows, you may find some great treasures while you're shopping there too. So now that you have some ideas to work with, get crafting! Your future house and roommates will thank you!

All That Glitters Tonight Is Gold

Elena Odulak

The Ann Arbor fashion and retail community is thriving. Although most students don’t make it past State Street, let alone Main Street for their shopping needs, Ann Arbor is host to a number of locally-owned clothing boutiques that are definitely worth a visit. On Friday March 20, the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti (A2Y) Regional Chamber and the Young Professionals of the A2Y Chamber hosted “Fashion Forward,” a runway show featuring spring apparel from several retail boutiques in the area. The event took place at the Ann Arbor City Club, which was originally known as the Ann Arbor Women’s City Club when it was founded in 1951. IMG_3146aIMG_3178a

The event was brimming with local elite; business owners, executives and CEOs all crowded the reception area. Mingling between jewelry vendors Karen Egren & Silpada was Today Clothing owner Kevin Pearson, along with several models who have participated in past SHEI events. Photographers snapped pictures of special guest KT Maviglia, better known as Miss Michigan 2014, before settling in for the start of the show.


Goodie bags lined the two front rows for the VIP guests. As guests waited in anticipation, many felt as though they were a part of Ann Arbor’s very own Fashion Week. Many of the city's favorite local shops, some of which have partnered with SHEI Magazine, such as Renaissance, Today Clothing, V2V, Perpetua, Bivouac, and Legion, were all represented throughout the event.



Halfway through the show, a short intermission allowed guests to indulge in the dessert bar and grab another drink from the reception area before returning to their seats. During the intermission, guests who were curious about the contents of their goodie bags would proceed to find make-up and hair care samples, coupons and discount cards, and even a pair of socks, all from Maggie’s Organics.



The second half of the show ended with a bang. As the models took their final walk down the runway, the audience caught one last glimpse of the models' stunning hair and makeup, courtesy of Sola Salon Studios. With the gorgeous new fashions featured in a perfect atmosphere, no other shows could have topped this event. “Fashion Forward” united Ann Arbor’s retail and fashion community for what was truly a five-star show.


Photography by Rachel Beglin.

Products To Love: Drugstore Favorites

Carly Griffin

Beauty doesn’t always have to be expensive; in fact, drugstores sell some of my all-time favorite products. The best thing about these products is that most, if not all, are under ten dollars, which is perfect for any college student on a budget. If you’re looking to try out some new products but aren’t willing to shell out a large chunk of money, check out this list of my current drugstore favorites!

  1. Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation ($10)

This is definitely one of my favorite products out there. Gone are the days where I spend five minutes buffing liquid foundation into my face and then spend even longer setting it with powder. Instead, this foundation gives the light coverage needed without the extra effort of blending it in. It’s unique liquid-to-powder formula doesn’t need to be set and can easily be applied with your fingertips without streaking. It is a necessity for every college student who wants to have even coverage but doesn’t have time to apply a regular foundation.


  1. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso ($8.50)

I can’t wait to crack this baby out now that spring has finally come back around. This color is an absolutely gorgeous pinky-peach shade. It’s insanely pigmented with just the smallest amount of shimmer to really highlight your face. In my opinion, these blushes are the best you can get from the drug store, and even compete with some high-end cosmetics. The best part is that the pan holds an insane amount of product, so you’re likely to have this blush for a crazy long time.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

  1. Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil and Gel ($8)

As a girl who has very dark brown—almost black—hair, I’ve struggled for so long trying to find a drugstore brow pencil that matched my hair color. I finally came across this Revlon brow pencil and my life has changed. This product has a creamy, pigmented pencil tip that looks so natural when used to fill in brows. It also comes with a tinted gel end that you can use to set your brows. It’s the best two-in-one product and I am so happy to have this in my makeup arsenal.

Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil and Gel in Dark Brown

  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo ($8)

This product will change your life. I’m completely serious—I have absolutely no clue where I’d be without this dry shampoo. Washing your hair daily is a killer on your hair, and stylists recommend washing your hair only two to three times a week. Most people don’t do this, however, because they fear the grease that will build up in their roots. But once you’ve got Batiste on your side, you’ll be able to treat your hair the way it deserves. All you have to do is spray this in your roots and grease-prone areas before you go to bed and then you’ll wake up with hair that looks like you just washed it. I am absolutely blown away by how amazing this product is and I am constantly recommending it to people.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

  1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coralberry ($7)

This is my go-to lip color for spring and summer, which means that you can catch me sporting this gorgeous coral color whenever I have the opportunity. If a bright coral lip scares you, then this is the lipstick for you. It’s subtle enough that you’ll be comfortable wearing it, yet it has just enough color to draw attention to your lips and pull your whole ensemble together. I love Revlon’s formula for the “Super Lustrous Lipstick” line because the lipsticks are creamy, pigmented, and don’t highlight dry lips at all. I highly recommend checking out this line of lipsticks because they’re as amazing as they are affordable, which is what makes them stand out.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coralberry

The next time you find yourself browsing the aisles of the drugstore, check out these products! I promise you’ll fall in love with them, and for ten dollars or less, these products are impossible to pass up.

Design in Life: The Law Quad

Alex Rakestraw

Every admissions tour is a sales pitch, and every sales pitch needs a visual hook. You’ve gotta sell the customer on a quarter-million dollar education. Angell Hall is nice, the Union is pretty alright – but there’s a reason every “Future Wolverine” steps inside a grass rectangle at the corner of State and South U. Jaws drop, smartphones come out, and the “my school looks like Hogwarts” texts are sent. This quadrangle of verdant grass and dull stone belongs to an era far removed from MWireless. It’s the same reason why engaged couples line the very same street sidewalks on bright spring days; whether a prospective student or an alumnus planning wedding announcements, there’s just something special about the Law Quad. The first building to line the Quad was the Lawyer’s Club, finished in 1928. The Lawyer’s Club faces out towards South U and houses 227 Law students. The Club was built in a collegiate Gothic style, drawing particular influence from the campuses of Cambridge and Oxford. “Collegiate Gothic” architecture was the style du jour for college campuses in late 19th to early 20th century America.

At their founding, Ivy League universities took shameless influence from the Oxbridge floor plan of a college constructed around a central quad, and the link was established. All it took was an influx of philanthropy money coinciding with the rise of Gilded Age industrialists to finance a full vis-à-vis copying of the source material. Former Associate Director of the Law Library, author, and historian Margaret Leary said, “The ‘collegiate gothic’ style strikes most as an important design element: emulating Oxford and Cambridge universities in England, which architects Edward York and Philip Sawyer visited before planning the Law Quad.” What York and Sawyer saw on their travels translated directly into the buildings they created upon their return to Michigan.

Then-President of Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson, quipped that, “by the very simple device of building our new buildings in the Tudor Gothic style we seem to have added a thousand years to the history of Princeton.” His message was clear: build the new in the style of the old in order to grow a legend.


"By the very simple device of building our new buildings in the Tudor Gothic style we seem to have added a thousand years to the history" -Woodrow Wilson

All architecture is both thoughtful and intentional – of course constructions should look good, but what we shape also shapes us. There is a hidden psychology to design. To the casual walking tour, the main purpose of the Lawyer’s Club is in its archways; each arch serves as an entrance to the Law Quad and crops out most of the scale of the Law Library. As you walk through the arch on South U closest to the Union, the viewer is lined up directly with the door of the Law Library – only when you pass through the portal does the massive cathedral-inspired library reveal itself.

From the arch above, there is a single path beckoning you forward towards the crown jewel of the Law Quad: the William S. Cook Legal Research Library. I’ve dragged my friend, Taubman College of Architecture sophomore Taylor Boes, along to better breakdown the design features responsible for the aesthetic completeness of the Law Quadrangle.

“The Law Library is essentially a Gothic cathedral, and the builders of the original cathedrals wanted to remove worshippers from their daily lives by creating an ethereal experience on Earth,” Boes explained. Massive towers at each end of the Law Library place the visual weight on the central entrance. “Relief etchings, tracery, arches in lavish materials, all are there to show off how technically proficient the builders were and how they could honor their God through how technical, expensive, and beautiful they made their creation.”


From first sight to entrance, pilgrims (religious or academic) are meant to feel purposefully drawn to the interior. Every step, if taken with willingness to immersion, should be entrancing. Just as 15th century churchgoers wanted to worship, this walk is designed for someone who wants to be there. According to Boes' analysis, many Las Vegas casino facades employ a similar technique: massive, outwards grandeur designed to push audiences forward towards the interior.

The interior-exterior transition is an intentional part of the immersion process that is meant to be meaningful. The weight and size of the exterior wooden doors dwarf their guests, and intricate stone carvings in delicate script adorn the frames of these massive entryways. This is both decoration and psychology – while cathedrals displayed the works of dedicated worshippers, the Law Library displays the prestige of the University of Michigan.

Then you are inside. The massive, uninterrupted room spans hundreds of feet; it is ringed by stained glass windows and the room is completely silent. “This building is oriented so that all of these windows catch afternoon light," Boes said. "On a sunny day, the light through the stained glass coupled with the high vaulted ceiling is supposed to make you feel insubstantial and heavenly.”


The Library’s enforced silence policy only compounds this effect. “The architecture of the Law Quad is critical to the buildings' function: a place where scholars teach, study, research, and seek to improve the law," Leary said. "The best example is the Reading Room, whose ambience encourages careful reading and deep thinking. The room gathers a few hundred people together at large tables, but unlike a dining hall, it encourages quiet.”

Furthering the collegiate character, stained glass windows are adorned with the insignias of English and American colleges of the time. The Michigan insignia appears on windows flanked by both the colleges of Cambridge in one window, and the colleges of Oxford and the American Ivy League in another. Religious iconography has been usurped by symbols of international educational prestige, tying Michigan to the traditions of the Old World and the global arena of the new. The Law Library is a modern-day cathedral of study, whose acolytes pour over textbooks in the grandeur of a heavenly chamber.

For the most part, renovations of the Law Quad have been tactfully hidden inside the original exteriors. One major exception not visible from the usual tourism angles deals with the crown jewel itself: a massive underground addition to the Law Library, necessary to house its growing collection. Excavation of the Library began in 1978. Three years later in 1981, the expansion was finally open to the public.  The expansion’s architect, Gunnar Birkerts, had a tall order from the University: to incorporate the modern, international style of architecture into a structure inspired by history and beloved for its age. Birkerts had extensive experience adding to existing buildings without modifying their character, and so the lighting emphasis and strong academic feel of the main library features heavily in his work.

Like the Law Library, the Allen and Alene Smith expansion features high ceilings, an open floorplan, and a dramatic use of natural light. In many ways, it is a modern interpretation of the Cook library. Leary, who was Head Librarian during the expansion, recalled the focus of the project. “The Smith addition uses similar materials to the original buildings, but with a twist: light oak instead of dark; stainless steel instead of bronze; straight lines instead of curved; simplicity instead of complexity. As a library, it functions beautifully,” Leary said.


"Light oak instead of dark; stainless steel instead of bronze; straight lines instead of curved; simplicity instead of complexity"

Study areas are both open and solitary; in the most notable example, students sit facing a massive concrete wall, yet with only a slight ridge in the desk separating them and their neighbor. Looming overhead, through panes of glass, is the façade of the original building.


This arrangement, combined with the same enforced silence policy of the Cook, creates an environment of intense focus. Three great glass “light wells” and the organic forms found in the desks and stairwells combine to create a very soothing environment. Studying in the Smith expansion is the exact opposite of studying in the Stacks – while silence is the constant, you are not penned in; the environment expands far beyond your desk, yet you are made to feel like the only thing in it. Isolation accented by harmony. In fewer words, the Smith expansion is purposefully serene.

On a bright April Sunday, when that essay you procrastinated has to get done by tomorrow and you need a place to knock it out, try the following: walk from the Lawyer’s Club entrance with the single metal pylon. Not quickly, but with a goal in mind. Take in the shining sun and the green spaces that surround your concrete pavers. Open the massive oak doors that require just a bit of concentrated effort. Mentally check that you aren’t being loud (whatever it means, we’ve all done it) before walking through the glass portals to the Cook. As you scan the room for a seat, take no more than a second to think about how elevated and focused you feel. Realize dozens of people burned midnight oil to make that all possible. That’s what is special about the Law Quad.


Special thanks to Margaret Leary and Taylor Boes for their help with this article. Leary is the author of Giving It All Away: The Story of William W. Cook and His Michigan Law Quad, which is available for $25 on

Must-Have Swimsuits for 2015

Lotte Hurkmans

There's something exciting about the approach of summer. The thrill of knowing that in just a few short months you can dig out your favorite shorts, sundresses, and wedges from the back of your closet. The fun and bright colors of summer bring along a boost of energy and happiness with their frilly and exciting patterns. Clothes allow you to express yourself, to be whoever you may want to be, so why not do the same with your swimwear? It may feel as if there's only one true option when deciding what to wear to the beach, water park, or lake, but in reality there are styles to suit any personality, body type, or taste. Get your creative juices flowing and get your credit card out because the following swimsuits are sure to leave you itching for an online shopping spree. Here's to looking, obsessing, and splurging. You've probably already seen these bikini's pop up on your Pinterest feeds at least ten times by now. Triangl's bright and fun suits are the perfect mix of sporty and sexy, and are fitting for any occasion. In addition, the bright colors of all their suits are especially helpful in illuminating your tan!

Here's a new trend! The wrap bikini. This perfectly adjustable top will be sure to flatter your body in every way. This type of top is a simple upgrade from the regular triangle-shaped bikini, but it is sure to wow and create the extra touch of femininity and originality. L*Space carries some affordable and super cute wrap tops in a variety of colors.

For those that want to keep the sexy touch with a bikini but prefer a little more coverage on top, the crop top bikini may be your perfect match. This ultra-fashionable piece is the perfect thing to wear to the beach, but the extra coverage allows for some extra protection and control for your athletic side when tubing or enjoying a spin on the jet ski. ASOS has a number of fun tops that range from sexy cutouts to sporty tops.

The one piece has never gone out of style. The timeless swimsuit is always sure to please, and it flatters every body type. Try to fit in the newer trends of mesh swimsuits to create a very chic and stylish look. If you would like to go for something a little more revealing, follow the cutout trends and show some more skin in your one piece.

With so many fun styles finding their way into the stores this summer, take a chance and try out some new styles. You may be surprised with what flatters your body!

Basics Series: Eye Shadow

Carly Griffin

Eye shadow is perhaps one of the makeup products that we are the most familiar with--who could forget the blue eye shadow that we all wore in middle school? This was the first product I ever bought and used regularly, but it took years before I finally understood how to properly apply eye shadow. When used correctly, eye shadow can change your entire look by bringing out the color of your eyes and making them really pop. Unfortunately, eye shadow is probably the trickiest product to apply, and learning how to use it properly can take a lot of time and practice. That’s why the final installment of the Basics Series focuses solely on eye shadow and it’s application; it can be a very complicated process, but in the end, it is the key to a successful and complete makeup look. I’ve found that with eye shadow, it’s best to commit completely. What I mean is that while a four dollar shadow quad from the drugstore may make your wallet happy, it will give you a pretty lackluster finish. I’m not suggesting you go out and buy a sixty dollar Marc Jacobs palette, but you should definitely consider investing a little bit of money in order to get high quality products. Ulta has random sales on high-end palettes, especially Stila palettes, so keep an eye out for those flash sales to save some money. But if you’re going to invest, then I suggest getting a Lorac Pro palette. These palettes are absolutely incredible; the shadow is buttery, pigmented, and long lasting. It may be a splurge, but these palettes last forever. Of course, Urban Decay’s Naked palettes are a cult favorite, but in my opinion, the quality of the shadows are subpar to other shadows from Stila or Lorac…and the Naked palettes cost a lot more.

Lorac Pro Palette

Now while I recommend spending a little more than usual on high quality shadows, I’ve noticed that you can score some pretty solid eye shadow brushes without giving up an arm and a leg—you just have to know what you’re looking for. E.l.f. has some quality brushes for only a few dollars, which is a bargain compared to the more expensive MAC and Sigma brushes. Here’s a list of must-have eye shadow brushes that will help you achieve the perfect look:

  • Flat shader brush – use to pack color all over the lid
  • Small and large fluffy blending brushes – necessary for blending the colors together
  • Pencil brush – perfect for applying color in the inner corners and blending under the eye
  • Smudge brush – use to smudge color under the eye

It can be a little difficult to find these specific brushes in stores, so I tend to order them online. Some of my favorite brands for brushes are Real Techniques, Makeup Geek, e.l.f., MAC, and Sigma. You’ll find more brushes that you’ll need at these websites, so take a look!

Sigma Brushes

Once you’ve got your shadow and brushes, you’re ready to get started! The picture below demonstrates where you should place each color


  • 1- This is your browbone highlight. You’ll only want to place either shimmery or matte highlighting shadows here.
  • 2- This is your inner corner, and you should also use only highlight colors here—preferably shimmery. This will make you look awake and your eyes will really pop.
  • 3- This area is called aptly named the crease. You’ll want to put darker colors here and really work to blend them out in order to define your eye shape.
  • 4- This covers your entire lid, and this is where you’ll want to place your base color first.
  • 5- Finally, this is the outer corner, or sometimes referred to as the outer-V. This is where you’ll blend your darkest colors to get a smokey effect and connect your crease color to your lid color.

That can all be a little difficult to understand at first, so I’ll quickly run through the application process.

To begin, you should place a primer all over your lid and blend it into the crease so your shadow will stay. I’m a big fan of Lorac’s Behind the Scenes Eye Primer and the Maybelline Color Tattoos. Next, take a flat shader brush, or use your ring finger, and place your base color all over your lid. You’ll then want to take a small fluffy blender brush with a slightly darker shadow color and gently blend it into the crease. Start near the outer corner, and blend it in using small windshield wiper motions. Keep blending as much as possible to keep the look natural and fluid. Once it’s blended out, take your darkest color and gently pack it into the outer-V using a pencil brush. Then take your large fluffy blending brush and blend this color slightly onto the lid and bring it up into the crease just a bit. It shouldn’t be completely in the crease, but you should blend the crease and outer-V colors together. Finally, use a pencil brush to place a brightening shadow both in the inner corners of your eyes as well as right under the arch of your eyebrow to highlight.

If you want to take the next step and create a completely cohesive look, take a smudge brush and run the color that you used in the outer corner of your eye along the outer third of your lower lash line. Smudge your crease color under the middle third of your eye, and finish off the final third with either your lid color or your inner-corner color. Use your smudge brush to blend all of this together, and voila! You now have a totally rockin’ eye shadow look.

eye look

As I mentioned earlier, eyeshadow can be a bit of a beast to tackle. It can be hard to get the blending down just right, and to be honest, I’m still working on that. But once you get the hang of it, eye shadow can really amp up your look and connect your makeup to your outfit. The best part about eye shadow is that you can have tons of fun with it and create an endless number of looks.

Hopefully the Basics series has really helped increase your understanding of applying makeup and will give you further confidence in this realm. While all of this information can seem complicated and overwhelming, I promise that it will soon become second nature to you. Just remember that makeup is a form of self-expression, so use all of these tips and tricks to showcase your personality through your makeup looks!

Legends in London: Vodafone London Fashion Weekend

Shamaila Ashraf

London Fashion Weekend (LFWend), hosted by Vodafone, takes place every winter in Somerset House as a continuation of London Fashion Week. For those fashion lovers that couldn't get enough of LFW, London Fashion Weekend provides a perfect continuation of trends, designers, and sample sales to leave you feeling like the fun isn't over yet. LFWend included a catwalk for attendees that showcased the latest trends in British contemporary fashion. The four main trends to be looking out for this season are hyperflorals, shine and shimmer, monochrome, and the 70s. Read on for some tips on how to bring a hint of British fashion to America!



When you think spring, the first thing to pop into your head is flowers. Now imagine those same flowers, but bigger, brighter and sometimes even in two-piece separates. LFWend introduced a new set of florals using bright colors, heavy embellishments, and color-blocked prints. But wearing large, floral prints can be a bit intimidating, which is why a more street-styled version of this trend would be to pick one bold floral print and run with it. This could include brightly-printed trousers or a tailored floral blazer with a button down for a more professional, yet season-friendly look.


Shimmer and Shine 

Sequins, metallics and sparkles--we have seen it all before, but this season they're coming back in a subdued reincarnation. The shimmer and shine look is perfect for a classy night out or even for weekdays when you're dressing to impress. The trend includes metallics with a bit more of a matte texture along with smaller-scale sequins.  The key to mastering this trend is picking shimmery fabrics rather than large sequins and keeping the remainder of the look clean and simple. Try white metallics and shimmers, as it provides just the right amount of sparkle needed without looking too much like a disco ball.  Shimmer and Shine

Shimmer, sparkles, and metallics do seem to be the perfect look for a night out, but why not try it for the daytime? A white metallic top paired with a blazer and some dark skinny jeans provides the perfect touch of casual and sparkle. Or if you're feeling adventurous, a pair of grey shimmer trousers could be the perfect touch to any daytime outfit. And remember to keep the accessories to a minimum and the shoes to a single color. As always, black is a classic option!

Shimmer and Shine

Make it Monochrome

In London, the streets are filled with blacks, greys, and navies for most of the fall and winter months, with the neutral trend occasionally even following into spring. Londoners love their simple colors, but this season British designers are bringing monochrome back to London street style. They pair bold prints and large stripes to create outfits that grab everyone's attention while still sticking to the classic black and white look.

Make it Monochrome

Never fear, for it's always possible rock the London monochrome look without looking like you're headed to a funeral. Pair some black jeans with a printed black and white top and black boots as you head to lecture. Combine an all back look with a white blazer and one colorful accessory to keep your look both professional and stylish. Next time you go shopping, look for those large black and white stripes, like the kind shown in the skirt above. Striped trousers and skirts are the perfect way to use this trend without worrying about horizontal stripes on the upper half of your body.

That 70's Show 

The final trend introduced by LFWend was a modern revival of the 70s, filled with suede, fringe and even flared jeans. This trend can be worn in many ways, but if you're not comfortable with breaking out the flares, try going for lace, suede and tan colors. Pairing a suede skirt with a jean shirt on top makes for a great sunny day outfit.

This trend is perfect for the summer, as it pairs bright colors, bold prints and short-shorts to create a boho-chic look. Whether you're going on vacation or heading to Coachella, adding a touch of the 70s is the way to go this season.Seventies

All of the looks at London Fashion Weekend Trend Catwalk were provided by The Outnet, a fashion website offering discounts on designer looks. The looks featured in LFWend ranged from Alexander Wang to Lanvin, and even Versace.

Album Review: Purity Ring's Another Eternity

Lauren Guldan

When Purity Ring first came onto the music scene in 2010, it was the result of a chance collaboration between two members of a larger band, Born Gold. After being signed to 4AD Records, Canadian duo Megan James and Corin Roddick released their debut album, Shrines, in 2012, introducing the world to their signature synthpop sound. Now after three years, Purity Ring is back with their sophomore album, Another Eternity, solidifying their artistic style and musical persona.

Another Eternity combines many of the same musical elements heard in Shrines, with strong beat tracks that show evidence of hip hop influences, contrasting with the ethereal and sweet tone of Megan James’ vocals. The album starts off strong with “Heartsigh," a track whose first few bell-like notes give way to a thumping beat and Purity Ring’s familiar electronic mixings. Following this is “Bodyache," beginning with a similar, even brighter, fairy tale-like intro, and accompanied by melancholy lyrics such as, “I lied now I’m lying awake / I cried ‘til my body ache” and “You feared a lonely death / like a lake leaves you alone in her depths,” which tempts at a rather poetic sadness.

Other highlights of the album include “Push Pull” and “Begin Again,” which were both released as singles along with “Bodyache" earlier this year. “Repetition” also stands out with its mellow beat that remains more level throughout the song, contrasting the more pronounced bass drops heard in some of the album's other tracks. This slow burning beat pairs well with the somewhat sinister lyrics, such as, “Watching me is like watching a fire take your eyes from you / Hope it isn’t repetition / Though that’s the only thing that keeps and takes you,” which evokes a sense of suffering as well as an undeniable desire in a cyclical relationship of love and pain.

Purity Ring’s music contains many points of contrast; after all, their name itself suggests innocence and perhaps a sense of naiveté that is certainly not present in their musical stylings or lyrics. We see this in their use of hip hop beats as well as the lyrics from both Shrines and Another Eternity, which often bring up themes of depression, heartbreak, and a distinct focus on the human body. With lines like, “Cut open my sternum, and pull / My little ribs around you” and “Climb up in my rattling spine and I'll contract / Tell me I'm the only one and I'll move back,” Purity Ring occasionally uses graphic descriptions of the body to make the emotion of their lyrics even more tangible to the listener.

With Another Eternity however, the overarching theme of continuity and renewal is clearly present. This second album serves to further establish Purity Ring’s sound, building on and continuing with the recognizable synthpop style that was first heard on Shrines. And with song titles like “Repetition” and “Begin Again,” as well as the album title of Another Eternity, it is clear that this particular wording was a conscious choice of its creators. While this sophomore album is far from a slump, it is also not quite in the realm of revolutionary. However, having been formed only five years ago and boasting the potential for plenty more albums to come, Purity Ring still has plenty of time to surprise their listeners.

Photos courtesy of and The Examiner.