Best of 2012: Textile Trends

The fashions of the past year exuded chic, refinery, and power, with color-blocked shifts and sleek trousers abound. To accompany the streamlined silhouettes were textiles with a strength of their own. Seriously heavy-duty fabrics like denim, leather, and brocade were re-worked into feminine pieces and formed essential basics for every season. Denim

Denim became the new black, as multiple layers of the material –collard chambray shirts paired with skinny jeans and topped with denim jackets or vests – dominated in the fall.


Black stayed on the scene in the form of leather garments ranging from leggings to jackets that shifted to must-haves rather than statement pieces. We saw leather in skirts and pocket detail as the tough material was integrated into everyday style.


Brocade was a major runway trend of 2012. Notably rich and thick, the fabric transitioned from old-time dresses to upholstery, but this year found it mixed with sheer materials and modern silhouettes.

So what’s to come in 2013? We predict a lighter touch. Fashion’s sleek lines aren't going anywhere, but they’ll be done in brighter, softer fabrics for the coming spring.