Brand Snapshot: Cool Club Clothing

When it was first created, the lifestyle of the brand Cool Club Clothing was inspired by a rap group. But soon, entrepreneur Cyrus Tetteh and his roommate Dave made a design for a logo. Two weeks after creating the first Cool Club Shirt, fans of the club gave excited and positive feedback about the new design. This positivity is important because the purpose of Cool Club is to feel empowered. Cyrus believes that the youth has to learn to accept themselves for who they are and not focus on superficial aspects of life. This new brand of clothing is thus a gateway to bring different people together and break down social barriers. The owner of the brand intends to first have a boutique for the clothing, but hopes in the future to expand their market. He already has prospective supporters such as rappers and influential figures to promote his motto, "Be You, Be Cool, Join The Club."


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