Israel to Change Fashion for the Better?

Appearance has become the most prominent representation of superficiality in our world. We are judged for everything from what we wear to how we look and thus, it is no surprise that body image disorders are on the rise. But with increasingly thin models sharing their crash diet secrets and reality stars constantly discussing their latest plastic surgery trends on TV, we must ask ourselves: what's the limit?

Despite being faced with much resistance, Israel has taken the first initiative to promote a healthy way of life for all young women. Recently, the country has called for new legislature in an effort to restrict the depiction of underweight models. The latest law specifies that models must have a BMI of at least 18.5 in order to walk in a runway show and that producers of altered advertisements must now indicate if they have graphically manipulated the images. However, people have been modeling for a long time. So why has it taken so long for individuals to take a stance on such a preventable issue? After all, Israel’s need to confront this potential health crisis has raised serious controversy. It will be interesting to see, then, if the fashion industry will comply (or not) with Israel's standards, or if even more strict legislature across the globe will be initiated in an effort to put an end to such body distortions.