Let's Talk Nails

I am never one to just go and get a manicure. The first time I got one, I was 15 years old-- and since then, I have probably only gotten about four others.  But today, I finally decided to muster up my courage and use a gift card to Bebe's Nails that I've had sitting in my desk for about a year.  I'll start my review by mentioning that germs are my enemies. I am a mysophobe, and not afraid to say so. That being said, cleanliness is a priority of any place that I have to sit for more than ten minutes. But Bebe's is super-clean. It doesn't look like much from the outside (it's located at 2410 E. Stadium Blvd. in a small strip mall-like enclave of little shops), but on the inside it is modern, bright, clean, and new.  The walls are a sunny pale yellow, and there are big windows shining light into the front of the store. It's an airy, open space, which is nice when many other people can be expected to be near you. My experience at Bebe's was one of manicure perfection-- my nails look perfect, it was done fairly quickly, and they made my nails look like I actually take care of them, despite the chipped and horrible pink polish I had on my nails when I walked in.  The staff is also friendly and amusing-- the young man who painted my nails laughed at how terrible my nails looked when he started working on them, and kept saying "much, much better" as he buffed, clipped, and filed them.  The beauty of my gel nails stands as proof that the staff at Bebe's Nails & Spa knows what they are doing. They offer other services as well, including waxing, massage, pedicures, and the like, which makes Bebe's a good place to go for a well-needed daily pampering. I'm probably going to stick with nails for now, but for anyone who wants beautiful nails with a great polish color selection and a friendly staff, Bebe's is a good start. It's a very short car ride, and a feasible bike ride away from campus, and their services aren't too overpriced. So, if you are ever stumped about where to get your nails done without a long wait (though I went on a Monday afternoon so I guess I can't really promise a short wait in every case) then Bebe's deserves a chance to wow you.