New Year, New You?

With each new year comes a slew of resolutions that we swear will be fulfilled, but what we really get is a slew of reasons why those resolutions didn't work out come the end of the year. The spirit of the holidays and new beginnings on the horizon take hold of our minds and bodies, and we become the part of the statistics of various Facebook posts, tweets, and mainstream pictures. There's the “this year will be different,” “new year, new me,” or “(insert year) be good to me” cliches that trend as the year begins. Having good vibes for the upcoming year is uplifting, yet sometimes we lack the willpower to carry out our resolutions, and the dreaded cycle repeats itself. How can we follow through with our new year resolutions and actually end the year feeling accomplished, rather than stuck in the same spot we were previously?

Sometimes it is all about specifying your goals. We come up with goals to take risks, or to learn a foreign language, but we never really feel satisfied at the end of the year and so it appears on our lists time and time again. Making goals specific to yourself will elicit more encouragement to accomplish what you wish for. Personalizing is like talking to your future self and specifically motivating yourself to follow through with what you want to do.

In some cases it can also be about broadening your goals. If thinking too specifically about a certain task begins to restrict the possibilities of your New Year's resolutions, then try giving the goal more depth and room for interpretation. Take the goal of being positive. It's a great goal that can apply to many situations but can fizzle out when restricted to just your household, school, or work. Resolutions like that are meant to kick-start a positive attitude throughout your entire year and essentially your life. Giving your goals a broadness will without a doubt enhance how you're living.

New goals for a new year is a way to re-imagine your image as a fresh, shiny one worth showing off to everyone. People will always use the standard resolutions, but to actually fulfill these cliches there has to be motivation and action. It is inevitable that some goals will slip through the cracks and appear on your list for decades to come, but if motivation and action are put into place, you can set the perfect goals for yourself and work to produce a new you.