The DIA Does it Again

The Detroit Institute of Arts is arguably the best building in all of Detroit.  It practically glows at night, and the inside is just as beautiful as the white stone outside. The greatest part of the DIA, however, are the interesting exhibits that always manage to impress. One of the recent exhibits at the DIA was particularly extraordinary-- the Fabergé exhibit that demonstrates the rise and fall of the House of Fabergé line of fine arts that included: furniture, figurines, jewelry, the famous eggs, parasol handles, chess boards, among other wonders. The House of Fabergé is famous for the works it produced for the Russian imperial family before the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. Karl Fabergé is the mastermind behind the beautiful works of art that the House of Fabergé created in the early 1900's. He was known at his peak of fame for having a close relationship with the Tsar of Russia, and he even hand-delivered the famous eggs that he made painstakingly each year for the Russian imperial family to celebrate special occasions, such as the birth of a new son, until the revolution. The exhibit in the DIA was much bigger than one would expect-- there were rooms and rooms of Fabergé creations. The exhibit was especially rewarding when viewed with the headphones and audio player, which detailed the history of the art and the Russian royal family throughout the exhibit. Most of the famous eggs and other decorative items created by Fabergé are made of enamel on metals, an especially difficult skill to master, although some were hardstone carvings that are embellished with other precious stones. The exhibit featured videos on how enamel art is made and about the history of Russia and Fabergé, which is also a great way for visitors to learn. The enameled flowers are some of Fabergé's most beautiful creations-- they used materials such as metals, crystal, hard stones and gemstones to create the illusion of the beautiful flower sitting in a vase of water.

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Photo: courtesy of Cali Cavy Collection