An Essential Nonessential

Red lipstick has power: It has made countless appearances on the red carpet and pulled together many an evening number with unparalleled sex appeal and sophistication. One swipe can totally transform a look, but despite its categorization as a beauty product it's not just about appearances. Red lipstick has survived bans by strict social institutions and entire governments throughout history, played a major part in defining the Golden Age of Hollywood, and aided the upkeep of America's mood during World War Two.

Psychiatrists of the day labeled it "an essential nonessential" because of its contagious ability to lift spirits and boost energy. Scarlet lips were actually a uniform requirement for women in the Marines in order to up morale. They had the right idea - easy and effective, what's not to love about lipstick? It takes a mirror and ten seconds to brighten up both your daily look and outlook. The only rule is to go bright or go home, so play with shocking pinks, purples, and oranges until you find the one that makes you smile, and makes that smile look fabulous.