Interview: Milo Greene's Graham Fink

Milo Greene at the Blind Pig in November  / Photo: Paige Comrie

Milo Greene is back in town this Friday, playing at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit with beloved indie-rockers Stars. Since releasing their equal parts instrumental and harmonic self-titled debut last summer (to overwhelmingly warm reviews), the California five-some have filled their days touring and have just begun a full US tour. Milo Greene makes the kind of music that is inviting and intimate, an aspect that is accentuated in live shows as the group alternates instruments and interacts with each other and the audience in casual camaraderie. It's hard to do their presence justice, without shamelessly referring you to prior show reviews, but suffice it to say while Milo Greene is an intricately structured and smoothly executed album, their concert breathes life into already excellent music.

Milo Greene is made up of Robbie Arnett, Graham Fink, Andrew Heringer, and Marlana Sheetz - all handling lead and backing vocals and a myriad of instruments - with Curtis Marrero on drums. Fink took some time to answer a few our questions (we chose not to rehash the origin / inspiration stories, though we'll refer you to a November interview with Sheetz for that) about important things like adjectives and March Madness.

Last time we spoke, you were in the midst of a North American tour, stopping by Ann Arbor in early November. Fill us in on the last five months (we hear you went across the Atlantic...).

 After that November tour, we had a month at home in California for the holidays to see our families and recuperate - but starting in mid January we headed to the UK for our first tour there, which was incredible. Then we spent a couple weeks trekking around the east coast and then almost immediately started the full US tour we're on now. So the short answer to your question is tour, tour, tour.

 Milo Greene was an exceptional album, but one two and a half years in the making - what are you working on right now?

We're starting to think about ideas for the next record, any downtime we have will be focused on that throughout 2013.

If Milo Greene was nostalgic and haunting, what themes have you been considering for the next album?

Crazy, sexy, cool?

Given your publicized love of cinema, and the accompanying short for Milo Greene, have you had the opportunity to film anything on tour? Have you discovered any particularly interesting destinations or visuals that you might return to - either as inspiration or for future film?

Our friend Alex, who runs In the Open, has come with us on some tours and filmed us doing impromptu performances in locations ranging from the Grand Canyon, to our van, to a Denver laundromat. I think the music we write will inform what we decide to do visually for the next record, and hopefully we'll remember locations we've traveled to that fit the bill.

What are you most excited for with festival season coming up? 

Before we get to festival season, we're heading across Europe with Cold War Kids. Incredibly excited to see so many new countries, that's gonna be really special.

What's it like touring with Stars?

Great! Such nice people. I wish I could hang out with Torquil every day. Really looking forward to the next week of shows with them.

Did anyone in the band fill out a bracket for March Madness, and if so, who do you have winning it?

I did one, and somehow ended up with Syracus taking it - but I'm really pulling for UNC and Butler.

Check out Milo Greene wherever one can do that and buy tickets here for Friday's show (we're still banking on there being magic tricks).