Snack Break: Late Night, Early Morning

As a foodie with a meal plan, there’s a constant battle between using the plan and actually finding good food to eat.  Along with the cafeteria meals, we are given Blue Bucks to spend at places like UGo’s, a chain of small, university-run, convenience stores.  Though I haven’t explored any other UGo’s, the store in the Union has a decent array of chocolate, candy, and a few other snackable foods.  Most of these are stored in plastic bins, encouraging you to grab a bag and create your own mix of candy, of course sampling a few items along the way.  The best part is the mixed candy is relatively cheap especially by university café standards.  An entire pound would cost you at most $7.  I usually walk out having spent under two dollars. 2013-03-16 08.10.59

With this kind of delectable inspiration at my disposable, I decided to create my own chocolate mix using my favorite selections.  I have dubbed it “good morning, good night mix.”  The flavors echo dessert coffee-espresso, chocolate, cinnamon, burnt caramel- but it also uses banana chips and chocolate granola for a breakfasty twist.  This snack is perfect for those late nights, after real dessert has come and gone and you just need something to munch on to get you through the 2 am rumble belly.

Good morning, Good night Mix

The amount of each ingredient depends on your preference and your quantity of Blue Bucks, though I try to go with more of the smaller items like the espresso beans and granola.

2013-03-16 08.12.13


Bizzy Lizzy’s Red Velvet Granola

Dark chocolate espresso beans

Burnt caramel dark chocolate almonds

Chocolate covered banana chips

Cinnamon flavored yogurt pretzels.

What to do:

Scoop desired quantities into a bag and hand it to the cashier.

Don’t worry putting each ingredient in its own bag because their prices don’t match up.  I was charged $5.99 a pound which is more or less the average price of all the ingredients.

It’s not hard to create these little mixes.  I chose this one because I love bittersweet chocolate.  The espresso beans and granola are on the bitter side, the almonds and pretzels add a nice layer of flavor, and the banana chips give the mix more sweetness.  Even with the chocolate, this is a relatively healthy 2 am snack, much better than things like microwaveable brownie bowls or cold pizza.

Photo by Jasmine McNenny

The candy bins at UGo’s have become my new favorite hangout spot.  It’s fun tasting something and trying to decide what else will go with it.  I’m mentally working on a new mix using the salted pumpkin seeds.

Sure, they have premade trail mixes in the store, but where’s the fun in that?