The Wardrobe Staple: Graphic Tees

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There is definitely a lot to look forward with summer, and one of those things is being able to show off an outspoken and colorful tee.  Graphic tees have been popular for decades, but the amazing thing about them is that even the vintage ones seem as cool as ever. Newer styles of graphic tees (many now seeming to focus on one bold word or picture) can be worn in funky and interesting ways, to create a playful, youthful look that is still put together (and not like you grabbed the first thing you saw in your closet).

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning has that look covered, with her chic, gothic-reminiscent graphic tee, but preppy blazer as well to balance out the shirt's "statement."  Wearing graphic tees in interesting ways is definitely a balancing act—a harsher, or darker print could be worn with a flowy or floral skirt (like in designer Acne’s pictured “music” shirt and skirt combo), and girly tees with a funny animal print or bright colors could be paired with a bolder pair of black skinny jeans and motorcycle boots.  The possibilities with graphic shirts are pretty endless—after all, even dressing them up with bold jewelry and adding them to a prim-and-proper type of outfit can add an interesting element of contrast and surprise. Pairing unlike materials and items together has been very popular recently, so trying to do the same with a graphic tee—rather than wearing one with your standard pair of blue jeans—can really make an outfit more unique. Graphic tees are a must-have in any wardrobe this spring and summer, and their simplicity yet definite edge is worth using to make a (hopefully) effortless ensemble.




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