To the Future: A Recap of the Recent Past

Change the world The world is old. Stated. Fact. Proven. No getting around it. There have been catastrophes, disasters, marvels, and wonderful things that have happened to the countries, cultures, and people that live in them. This year has already brought us so many changes that affect the world, the peace and the future, that it is time we recognize the idea of change and our impact.


March madness for sure. We have a new pope: a new leader for the Catholic Church. Even if you aren’t religious, it is still important to know about this. This institution has far reaching power and ties throughout many countries and has its involvement in politics. Pope Francis began his papacy in a new and unexpected circumstance, as Benedict XVI was the first pope to resign in 600 years. This seems to be the theme for his elected status, seeing as he is not only the first Jesuit pope, but also the first from Latin America. This papacy brings with it quite a few “firsts” and revolutionary ideas for 2013 and the years to follow.


Speaking of leaders, this past month has seen the passing of Hugo Chavez, a controversial Venezuelan figure who held his position for the last 14 years. He was a critic of the United States and leaves behind him a legacy of revolutionary, anti-imperialist and socialist ideas. His death has caused a ripple that will not only be felt by the Venezuelans, but by their closest allies Cuba, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

These events are just two of many that have occurred this year so far, and we know there will be more to follow. Our world will continue to be "rocked," and we have many more firsts to come.

It seems this is the generation of change and of new thought. The birth of the English royal baby, the future of America’s debt crisis, the progression of rights for the LGBQT community; all of these will change the environment we live in and impact us in some way. It is our choice whether we hop on the bandwagon and accept these changes, become a part of the movement, or stay in the past, stuck with the old and used.

The Mayans were wrong. Life as we know it did not come to an end last December and the world continues to turn. How will you make an impact?