5 Reasons: SHEIfest at Necto

From the Red, White and Blue Jeans shoot / Photo: Natasha Janardan Normally we save our five-reasons posts to highlight exciting shows coming to the area, but how could we not promote our own event?

Without further ado, here's five reasons you should buy tickets - really though, right here and now - to SHEI's annual spring launch party and fashion show this Saturday on April 13th.

1. AMERICA (the Issue)

Do you love America? We do. Which is why we chose to explore the most interesting, exciting, and potentially problematic aspects of our country's culture in this issue. From denim to the digital age, consumerism to the countryside, and archaeology to alcoholism 1920s Prohibition, the magazine is full of compelling reads and captivating spreads. Pick up your copy, hot off the presses this Saturday.

2. The Show.

Part of what makes SHEIfest different from our other launch parties or fashion shows is that is both a launch party AND fashion show. This year, our fashion team is drawing from decades of American history and iconic trends to create a montage unlike any you've seen before. Cherry on top? One of Necto's own DJs will be providing aural accompaniment, mixing classics with entirely contemporary beats.

From the Soda Pop shoot / Photo: Kathryn Clappison

3. Necto.

You've probably been to Necto - and if not, you probably have some preconceived notions about the place - but you haven't been to Necto with SHEI. From 7-9pm, we're transforming the open-plan dance club into a fashion showcase, setting up an elevated runway for Ann Arbor's finest to strut their stuff. We have a feeling that by 9, you won't be wanting to leave as the party transitions seamlessly into the after-party.

4. It's the cusp of exam season.

Finals are almost upon us, but it's not quite crunch time. What better reason is there to let loose, enjoy some fine entertainment in the company of the trendiest kids you know at a venue that speaks for itself? Postpone studying for one more night and join us in celebrating a great year and saying goodbye to our senior staff.

5.  America (the Country).

Stars and stripes and SHEI. Come on, now.

Buy tickets now through Necto, $7, and we'll see you there!

Also, we have llamas / Photo: Shawn Quek