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America's Crush on Jennifer Lawrence


Bursting on to the scene in 2010 with Winter’s Bone, for which she was nominated for both an  Academy Award and a Golden Globe, Jennifer Lawrence has only continued to grow as an actress. She has taken Hollywood by storm, and now has some major movies under her belt, such as The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook,  for which she won the Academy Award for "Best Actress."  Rolling Stone even gave her the title of  “the most talented actress in America” for 2013. Jennifer Lawrence

This confident but slightly awkward beauty from Kentucky has  stolen the hearts of many all around the world. She is talented and diverse, with the ability to transform herself completely. Lawrence took on a particularly difficult role as ‘Katniss’, in The Hunger Games. The role needed archery training and certain stunts, but the true difficulty lay in the character rendition itself. The Hunger Games trilogy already had a loyal fan base that Lawrence had to go up against, and she did just that. There are many examples in Hollywood where the transformation of book to film have failed their fans, or left something to be desired, but this is not one of them, and Lawrence definitely contributed to that success.

“I admire her [Katniss]. She’s a leader. She’s a warrior. She’s a Joan of Arc. She’s this brave girl that gets shoved into this horrifying situation and not only comes out on top, but sparks an uprising. Not only does she win, but she changes the game. She not only beats their game, she changes it. I thought that she was an incredible girl.” - Jennifer Lawrence

But why is Jennifer Lawrence different from all the other young actresses at the moment? What makes her such a stand out star?

The answer lies in not just the performance on screen, but also off. She isn’t completely changing herself and her persona to follow Hollywood, doesn’t have news stories popping up about drugs and alcohol, and refuses to conform to the ‘skinny’ standard of Hollywood with diets and workouts; in fact, Jennifer Lawrence seems to keep her life very private and simple. This down-to-earth 22-year-old movie star is relatable and humble. If  you have ever seen an interview of Jennifer, you know she has a love for food and comfort, and also doesn’t seem to have a filter. I think America loves Jennifer Lawrence because she is hilarious, talented, and someone that girls across the world can relate to and admire.

Whether it is rocking blue skin in X-Men First Class, shooting an arrow like a Olympic-pro, or casually falling up the steps in a Dior Haute Couture gown, to receive an award and then laughing it off, Jennifer Lawrence is a force to be reckoned with and a strong female character that might just beat the ridiculous pressures of Hollywood and make it out alive.