Summer at Home: A College Student’s Guide

Exams are finished, the sun is shining, you've lugged the mini fridge down four flights of stairs and reunited with your family; sweet summertime has finally arrived. Your head is swimming with an abundance of ways to spend the season – DIY projects, a wardrobe revamp, gardening, that blog you've been meaning to start, plus all of your summer to-dos from last year’s list. But after a few lazy mornings and a shopping spree, it’s day three and you’re already bored. Status updates from friends with high-powered internships or traveling abroad certainly aren't helping your appreciative summer attitude. What’s a college student looking at four months of vacation at home to do? Ryan Gosling gets bored in the summer, too...

Get a job: Coming home to a sleepy neighborhood from a vibrant college environment can induce major a let-down, so it’s important to stay busy and prevent the blues from settling in. A job occupies lots of time, gives purpose, and earns you money. By the end of vacation you’ll be able to fund foreign travel and post your own exotic Instagrams when next summer rolls around.

Save up!

Pick a project: Take the summer wish list you triumphantly compiled after your last exam and choose one long term project to focus on. Devoting your energy and resources to one idea will give you rewarding results and leave you less stressed than dealing with fifty unfulfilled to-dos. Get going with your goal, whether it be starting a thriving vegetable garden, learning to watercolor, or watching every season of Gossip Girl by summer’s end.

Is it finally time for that juice cleanse?

Read: Books (and magazines, newspapers, poems, blogs, etc.) can provide immediate release from boredom in the form of entertainment and inspiration. Reading is a thoroughly enjoyable means of wasting away the hours, and comes with benefits like an increased vocabulary and analytical skills. Pick up a classic novel or update your daily blog list (which hopefully includes the one you’re currently reading) and get lost in literature this summer.


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