Summer Beauty

While many associate the summer season with free time, relaxation and beautiful blue skies, this time of year is also infamous for its beauty-damaging effects. To name just a few; sunburn, bug bites, and frizzy hair. Who wants to worry about chlorinated split-ends and sweaty foreheads when there are important things to be done like picnicking on the beach? Nobody. But there is, of course, a certain pleasure in looking glamorous while lounging poolside or participating in said picnic. How is a style maven to beat the heat? We have a few suggestions for enjoying a carefree summer and looking good while doing it. source:

The hot weather takes a toll on the body; skin and hair alike. It can also cause serious makeup malfunctions – we hate to think of melting foundation or major post-swim raccoon eyes. Focus on body care this season by investing in gentle, moisturizing lotions, shampoos, conditioning treatments, and sunscreens. They’ll help to protect skin and hair from the drying sun, sea salt and chlorine that great summer adventures are made of. Plus, healthy skin and hair looks glowy and fabulous without the aid of any makeup or heavy styling products. If the thought of venturing outside with a bare face is the stuff of your nightmares, just try a lighter hand. A dab of concealer here, some oil absorbing powder there, and one flourish of colored matte lipstick or eyeliner makes for a fresh and heat-friendly makeup routine.


We’re all familiar with the no-shave habits that winter encourages (no one will know if I wear jeans!), but summer weather unfortunately calls for more attentive upkeep. If between your internship, weekend beach getaways with old friends, and runs in the park, shaving daily is too time consuming to worry about, try waxing. It might seem scary at first, but spending just one evening on hair removal every six to eight weeks is quite an incentive. If an at-home kit is far too intimidating, a professional salon may be for you. It costs a bit more, but you should only need the service twice to stay smooth all summer long.

With more natural hair and makeup looks prevailing, summer can be the perfect time to focus on nail color. With a massive range of inexpensive and beautiful nail polishes available, manicures to suit every skin tone and wardrobe are as easy as Fourth of July cherry pie. Stick to a signature nail look or mix it up with new summery designs every week. Nail color is heat and humidity proof, so no risk of melting or frizzing here.


Happy summertime!