Summer Reads

Whether spending the day in a poolside cabana or a backyard hammock, bringing a book is a fabulous way to relax and enjoy the summer weather. Here are a few of our recommendations for readers of all sorts. Source:

The latest in the fun, lighthearted, and hilarious collection of Sophie Kinsella’s romantic novels is  I've Got Your Number. Extremely quick to read and wonderfully entertaining, Kinsella’s whole range of novels are quintessential beach reads, but with heart, humor, and enough wit to escape the label of ‘guilty pleasure’.  They’ll have you truly laughing out loud which, especially when combined with the serotonin-boosting summer sunshine, is the best medicine.

The science fiction classics of George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut, and Aldous Huxley are perhaps more often associated with high school classrooms than summertime lounging. However, they provide an alternative selection of summer literature to those who aren't interested in the romantic story lines that so often top the beach read lists. Novels like Animal Farm and Brave New World are quick reads small enough to slip in a suitcase, but pack a profound, relevant, and satirical punch. If you plan to hit the beach and don’t want to sacrifice literary depth or cutting prose, one of these in your bag will offer enough food for thought to last well beyond the drive home.


Then there are the more voracious readers who plan to squeeze sandcastles and barbecues in between books instead of the other way around. This is the season to finally delve into the large-scale literary project you've been saving for summer’s four month stretch. Perhaps the goal is to read all of Shakespeare’s completed works, or  finish the biographies of every U.S. president (a project begun three summers ago), or even to get through the Dickens novel you tried to start in fifth grade and have been too intimidated to pick up since. Whatever the challenge, summer is the perfect time to attack – best of luck and happy reading.