Twenties Today

Some remnants of the roaring twenties have never truly gone out of style. With last month’s release of the newest film version of The Great Gatsby however, this year has seen an even bigger resurgence of twenties fever. Thanks to America’s recent fascination with the decade, the internet is full of DIY tips for throwers of Gatsby-themed soirees and flapper makeup tutorials. Incorporating the essence of the Jazz Age into a modern lifestyle has never been easier – here are a few of our favorite ideas.

In order to emulate twenties fashions without being mistaken for a Gatsby extra who wandered off set or a costumed partygoer, it’s important to understand the basics elements of the era’s style. Dress silhouettes were minimal, straight, and above floor length. Clothing was loose fitting, but streamlined. Shoes had low heels, necklaces were thin and waist-length, and close-fitting headwear was in (think cloche hats, silk head scarves and small turbans). Choosing garments and accessories that balance these elements with modern fabrics, colors, and patterns create a wardrobe that is practical today but reminiscent of a bygone era.

Twenties silhouettes in modern summer fabrics - chic and comfortable.

If you’re in the market for something a bit less ‘everyday’, Tiffany &Co. has released a Gatsby -inspired Ziegfeld collection of jewelry. The art deco jewels, which range from rings to a diamond encrusted twenties tiara (featured in the film), are splurge-worthy statement pieces.

Vintage and handmade shops like Etsy are wonderful resources if you’re looking to add some Art Deco flair to your space. Accessories like pillows, lamps, and even wall decals are quick and simple ways to bring the twenties home.

Art Deco decal:

Finally, reading about life in the twenties is a solid substitute for actually living through them. If you enjoyed the film version of The Great Gatsby, chances are you’ll also enjoy the novel that inspired it. If you’re all Gatsby-ed out and looking for a new story, Therese Fowler’s new book, Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald might be of interest.

Wherever you decide to incorporate elements of the 1920s, they will add a subtle touch of fun and vintage chic.