True Blood Recap: Season 6, Episode 4: "At Last"

2_photo In the episode that very well may win the fictional award for best repurposing of a song to date, Sookie and Warlow have come together "At Last," and as Etta James so astutely crooned in her day, this "thrill" will certainly prove to be one that this ultra-spunky fairy princess has "never known."

Surely, Sookie is no stranger to being betrayed by vampires. After all, they are (literally) cold-blooded. But as we learned in this episode of True Blood, Ben, or should I say Benlow, has carried out the ultimate act of betrayal: He had a sexy accent this whole time and, for some ungodly reason, chose to fake a shaky-at-best Southern twang. That sick monster. In other news, it looks like Ben is Warlow, but without that strange facial hair from that one episode. He's also a fairy AND a vampire, which explains so much concerning this season's upcoming plot development - think Nora's interpretation of the vampire Bible's "typo" regarding who will lead vamps into the sun. Still, the centuries-old creep sure does clean up nice. Really nice, actually. I mean, the guy is hunktastic. Remind me again why Sookie isn't interested?

But in all seriousness (well, as serious as True Blood can get, anyway), Benlow caused quite the ruckus throughout "At Last." He fed Jason his blood, which incidentally led to a steamy, homoerotic sex dream involving shaving, blood tasting, and hilariously strained expressions coming from Jason's end. Not to mention, while in the buff in his motel room, Benlow thwarted Jason and Grandpa Niall's attempt to kill him and instead glamoured Jason's sorrows away and partially drained, but did not drink, Grandpa's blood. He then banished the fairy king to the gloomy realm from which he himself had recently escaped.

Yet as it turns out, this centuries-old vamp has gotten a bit sloppy with age. Much to his dismay, Sookie, or rather, Nancy Drew, spotted his blood droplet on her living room floor and prepared a silver-laden dinner date for her new boo to confirm that he is, in fact, for lack of a better term, her owner. Naturally, the silver didn't affect the horny, hybrid Benlow in the least, and the freshly primped princess was prepared the minute the fairy vampire pounced. As she so eloquently put it, "Get the f*** off me or die, Warlow."

Speaking of death, Jessica's a moron. For one, could she have been any derpier while luring Andy's fairy daughters back to Billeth's place? LIKE OH EM GEE, Vampire Jess, I TOTALLY hate having a real name too! It's like, sooooo much cooler to just be identified by a number. Lucky for Jess, these girls are morons and agreed to go back to her place with her anyway. Once there, Bill and professor Takahashi, the man responsible for creating Tru Blood, worked together to synthesize the fairies' blood and create a way to save the vampires. Unfortunately, their blood proved difficult to replicate, and as Jess was trying desperately to hold down the fort and keep the girls at Bill's place until the tests were completed successfully, she succumbed to her vampy desires and fed on each of Andy's baby girls. Amidst sobs, she admitted to her maker that she committed an egregious mistake. However, it remains to be seen whether the girls are still alive, seeing as that they have yet to transform into piles of lifeless dust.

Now for Sam: If there's one thing we learned from this guy this week, it's that grief appears to be the best aphrodisiac. The physically and mentally wounded Nicole clung to her rescuer, and a bottle of booze, this week and aimed to muffle her sorrows within the arms of her favorite shifter. On a differente note, Emma was adorable as ever, and Lafayette needs more screen time…because he is a treasure. Period. Meanwhile, Alcide and his wolf pack were on the war path as they attempted to hunt the down devious, kid-snatching Merlotte.

Also on the war path was Governor Burrell, who had his team snatching up vamps left and right, including Pam and Nora, in order to find his baby girl. Unfortunately for him, when Burrell did finally come face-to-face with his little angel, he found himself confronted with a new baby vamp, transformed à la Eric Northman. Sadly, Eric's plan to humanize vampires and put an end to the madness failed when Willa attacked her father's fresh wound and was tranquilized by Sanctimonious Sarah. (I've decided that this is a thing now.) Looks like Billeth's prediction was right after all. Sigh.

On a final note, Season 6, Episode 4, "At Last" has only left me with more questions. Is Benlow all that evil, or does he just want to procreate and make little vamparies? fairypires? with his promised gal? Are Andy's girls still alive? What's Bill's next move? Will they synthesize and replicate the blood? Why didn't Ben drink Niall's blood? Will the little ones blab about Terry's incident with Patrick? What will happen to Willa, whose new, "electric" world has been turned upside down? Or the hapless Ginger? Can Sookie be this badass for the remainder of the season? Seriously, this is the best Sookie we've seen thus far. It can't end.

True Blood airs every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST on HBO. Tune in next week to see what SHEI has to say about Episode 5, "F*** Away The Pain."