True Blood Recap: Season 6, Episode 6, "Don't You Feel Me"


Image Courtesy of Policy Mic

As Bill aptly explained it, "It's happening." In this week's episode of True Blood, it seems as though all hell is beginning to break loose in the state of Louisiana. But first off, let's just take a moment to remember the late Terry Bellefleur. RIP, Terry. You may have been one of True Blood's kookier characters, Terry, but you were no doubt the best guy Arlene had ever dated…by a landslide. If only Terry's friendly assassin had been glamoured as well. Had that been the case, our favorite veteran wouldn't have met such a devastating fate.

Now, back to the characters who are actually still alive. Well, sort of. Pam and Eric, the wonderfully sneaky duo, outsmarted the governor by killing their surrounding guards, therefore avoiding a situation that would have involved them duking it out against one another for the governor's entertainment. Steve Newlin, as we already knew, was the pathetic, loud-mouthed traitor who set up the whole thing. Tara was still getting eyed by the HBIC of the vampire prison, and Willa begged to be treated like her vampire buddies, and then proceeded to betray her father's plan. Cue Eric.

Ugh, Eric. How does he always manage to devise a plan to save the day? After being forced to watch his sister, Nora, be injected with a fatal dose of Hep V, Eric summoned his newly-created baby vamp, Willa, to come to the rescue. Together, the three are on the path to freeing themselves, as well as your other favorite True Blood vamps, from the sickeningly sterile death camp.

In other vampire news, Billeth glamoured his pet scientist into draining him of his blood to induce a coma-like state in which he could communicate with Lilleth. Not-so-shockingly, Lilleth proved to be utterly unhelpful and equal parts sassy. Determined not to disappoint the almighty vampire God, Billeth chugged Warlow's blood, and total chaos ensued. He marched over to Burrell's house, in the daylight no less, and made the politico's men to kill one another. He then proceeded to rip off the spineless Burrell's head (literally--too soon?) and leave it to rest upon the governor's own statue of himself.

Apparently, bad blood was a prevalent theme in "Don't You Feel Me." Sam and Alcide are officially no longer pals (although little Emma was finally reunited with her grandma)! Plus, Sookie banished her homicidal father. Then later, she let Warlow sink his teeth into her neck as they boned him whilst his hands were tied behind a tree in fairy world. (It was a very "look ma, no hands" moment.) Mid-coitus, a blinding light ascended from the fairies' crotches. Was that the light of destiny emerging, or just some weird supernatural disease we haven't heard of yet? Regardless, they should probably get that checked out. But I digress. Back to the more pressing issues: Doesn't Sookie care about her grandpa's whereabouts? Or the fact that she's a, and I quote, "danger whore" whose actions will most likely lead only to trouble? Evidently, Sookie was more interested in satisfying her, erm, needs, than searching for answers.

To make up for the inane shenanigans of the characters in this week's episode, let's take a look at the show's most wonderful men, Lafayette and Jason. Lafayette is apparently a big-time bedazzler; no surprises here. How else would he always manage to look so "fresh ta death," as he put it? And as for his response to learning about Warlow's ability to walk in the light, it went a little something like, "Oh, well there go the damn neighborhood."

Then there was Jason, who joined the LAVTF to get Jessica back home safely. Sadly, Sanctimonious Sarah is a nasty excuse for a human being who forced Jason to idly watch as Jess and a stranger were nearly forced to copulate for the sake of "research" right before his eyes. Luckily, Sarah found some modicum of a soul within that tiny room and ended things before they got too physical.

Lastly, in "awwwww" news, Andy's remaining daughter, Adeline, was given four different names to commemorate his sisters. Sad.

True Blood airs every Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST on HBO. Tune in next week to see what SHEI has to say about Episode 6, “In The Evening”