Hot Mess: Mousse Me

It should be no surprise to anyone that I love anything sweet and fluffy.  Consequently, mousse-chocolate, vanilla, custard, lemon, passion fruit- is one of my most favorite desserts. Because of this, I spend my sweet tooth munchies figuring out ways to make mousse out of what I find in the kitchen.  The latest discovery?  Quick mousse using whipping cream and chocolate pudding mix.  There’s nothing like an empty stomach and a craving for sugar to bring out culinary creativity.

Photo by Jasmine McNenny

So to make this fluffy magic all you need is whipping cream (or heavy cream), half and half (or milk), and a box of instant pudding (for this mousse I used chocolate).

It’s important to note that whipping cream triples in volume when you whip it, so if you’re only making mousse for yourself, you probably won’t need more than ¼ cup.  Using a hand-held mixer, or a whisk if you like the workout, whip the cream until it thickens, but doesn’t stiffen.  Add a splash of milk or cream to thin out the mixture and pour in a little of the pudding mix.  The amount you add depends on how much cream you use, how stiff you want your mousse, and how strong you want the flavor.  Whip the mixture.  The gelatin in the pudding with thicken the mixture even more so you may want to add a little more milk or cream to soften things up.

Photo by Jasmine McNenny

And there you go.  Just mess with the ratio of pudding mix to cream and you can create a sweet, fluffy mousse in under five minutes.

As far as what to do with it…that’s where the fun begins!  I, of course, like to eat it by itself as a nice snack after work, but because the texture is so easy to change it can be used in many different ways.  Recently I used it as cupcake frosting, but it would be just as good as the filling to a layer cake or sandwiched between two cookies.  With a softer mousse, it would work well as an ice cream sundae topping or a creamy accent to milkshakes or frozen coffee drinks.  It’s also great for dipping and could be served alongside fresh fruit and cookies for an easy party snack.


Photo by Jasmine McNenny

So I’m excited now.  Not only are there a lot of things you can do with pudding mousse, but there are so many different flavors.  From the Jello brand alone there are flavors like butterscotch, cheesecake, devil’s food, coconut, and banana cream.  It seems there’s no end to the possibilities for this kind of sugar-coated heaven!