Parting with the Well Worn

It is always good to purge. Whether it is toxic foods, relationships, or even those wardrobe pieces that are “so last year”, creating space for new additions provides for a virtuous feeling of order and health. So after a spontaneous mid-summer closet reorganization, I did just that. Out with the boot-cut jeans that never fit quite right, the cheetah shoes that had just too much cheetah (even for me), and the tired white denim that had been consistently over worn. And so my small decision to condense my clothing resulted in four brown bags brimming with assorted apparel and accessories. But unlike the chunk of items I regularly donate to charity, these were nice clothes that I had invested my own earnings into. I felt attached to these pieces. I wanted them to be worn and worn well.Not to mention as a broke college student constantly attempting to scoundrel up some extra spending money, I wanted to make a reasonable amount off of these items. So I packed up my boxes and drove over to a resale shop where, after about twenty minutes of clothing assessment, I received a check for one hundred dollars in exchange for my drab hammy downs. Can you say trash for treasure?

Here are some tips on consignment.

1. While sorting through your clothing assess items by brand. Some items will simply be worth more based on their labels.

2. Look for stains, tears and smells. Perhaps some pieces need some laundering prior to reselling them. Even a thread and needle on a few holes could provide some tlc.

3. Can you part with the adored items? Make sure that the clothes you have completely fallen out of love with are placed in your selling pile. There is no need to resell clothing that you may wear again.

4. Assess your clothing based on season. Most resale shops purchase seasonally in order to limit the massive quantities of merchandise they carry at once.

5. Remember your selections should be items someone else would want to purchase.

6. Keep in mind, when reselling shoes they should be gently or barely worn.

7. When selling, most stores offer a percentage of the resale price back in cash or a store credit to use in the store. Depending upon the items in the consignment shop, it may be worth your while to take the credit and trade your used garments for another’s old treasures. Otherwise, pocket cash is always well received.