Summer Essentials: EIC Shea Corrigan

Wondering what our editor's have been coveting this summer? Let's start with our Editor In Chief, Shea, who has been working as an intern in Nashville, TN. Her essentials are: Shea's Essentials

1. Sunglasses:

"Approximately a thousand, in particular cheap Ray Ban-style shades in a variety of colors and patterns and lenses to stash everywhere - my car, my room, different bags for work or going out. I can lose them or forget them somewhere and I'm always prepared for when the temperamental weather turns a cloudy sky into blindingly bright day."

2. Breezy blouses

"These tops are my go-to choice to stay cool - classy or casual - in the heat and humidity. Patterns and colors provide variety and a light blazer is a stylish way to counter the a/c in my internship's office."

3. Jergen's Glow and Protect, SPF 20

"While I'm not the kind of person who burns upon immediate exposure to the sun, any intentional effort to get some color usual results in said color being red. So I like my sunscreen with enough SPF to protect my skin AND build a tan."

4. Converse, Vans, or Keds:

"Personally, I'm in the Converse camp, but I gotta have a comfy pair of cute tennis shoes for the summer. I've never quite pulled off sandals - blisters always get the best of me - so my low-tops provide the perfect footwear for summer adventuring."

5. A bottle of bleach:

"Summer is when I get crafty and while my forays into altering are generally misguided, I have me a blast with some bleach. Plus, the light wash and wild results are right in line with summer."