5 Reasons: Baths at the Blind Pig

baths If you aren’t already up on Will Wiesenfeld’s future-pop project, Baths, you have never heard anything like it. His 2010 debut album, Cerulean, took the indie community by storm, using vocal samples and a deft electronic production to create a unique spin on the chillwave genre made famous by bands like Toro Y Moi.  His sophomore album, this year’s Obsidian, exhibited his wide range, focusing more on his vocal talents while still maintaining the funky beat that Cerulean introduced. Here at SHEI, we would hate for you to miss an opportunity to see a forerunner in the indie scene right now, especially at a venue as intimate as the Blind Pig this Friday.

With that in mind, let us further convince you with five more reasons to check out Baths.

5. “Aminals”

When describing the audio samples used for his hit, “Aminals,” Wiesenfeld explains that he scoured YouTube for videos of children and animals and children talking about animals to pair with his upbeat, electronic track. We repeat: electronic music, children, animals, and children talking about animals.

4. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Listening to “Seaside Town” off of his B-Sides album of Cerulean (Pop Music/False B-Sides), you might find yourself wondering where you’ve heard that audio clip before. To save you the hassle, we got to the bottom of it and it comes from Hayao Miyazaki’s blockbuster animated flim, Kiki’s Delivery Service. Anybody that’s down with Miyazaki films is cool with us.

3. J Dilla meets Pavement and Prince

Paul Lester, a writer for The Guardian, in trying to articulate the sound of Baths’ album, Cerulean, claimed that it reminded him of “J Dilla playing around with the Pavement and Prince catalogues.” If that legendary pedigree of artists extending through such a diverse range of genres doesn’t reel you in, we’re not quite sure what will.

2. The Name

The name “Baths” is not merely a catchy, arbitrary moniker Wiesenfeld came up with in reminiscence of his childhood.  Wiesenfeld fondly remembers sitting in his bathtub as a child and contemplating his passion for art and music. And who doesn’t love a nice bath? If nothing else, if you stop by to check out Baths on Friday, you will be in the company of a fellow fan of the bathtub.

1. @BATHSmusic

For those wondering how strange the man behind the eclectic sound of Baths is, look no further than his personal Twitter. His tweets are a fabulous mix of day to day epiphanies (“so glad 'nincompoop' is pretty much gone”) to borderline nonsensical ramblings (“talking pancakes sound like bi blap blappah bup bup”). We love everything about it.


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