Tempt: An Introduction

In the fourth grade, I discovered lip gloss. Oh glorious, glorious lip gloss!

I had a four-color pack from Claire’s that I gobbed on every morning. I mixed the four colors in a thick, slimy layer that I thought looked very cool. Luckily, most of my poorly applied lip gloss disappeared during the course of breakfast. I probably ate more lip gloss than I wore in the fourth grade. It's embarrassing to talk about, but this misguided foray marked the beginning of my passion for beauty products. That little four-pack of lip gloss that I liberally misapplied was a rite of passage into the world of femininity.

In middle school, I continued to learn about make-up by watching my older sister. Her makeup came in sleek black cases and tubes that lined her bathroom counter. I never noticed that her eyeliner was a little too thick or that she never took off all of the Lancôme Hypnôse Drama mascara. I soon started my own collection of fancily packaged makeup and as my bank account dwindled, my passion grew.

My sophomore year of high school I got considerably more serious about makeup. I had developed the kind of acne a beauty routine couldn’t fix. My face was riddled with painful cystic bumps that scarred my skin.

As my acne became worse, I fought hard to rid myself of the unsightly bumps and even harder to hide them from other people. I learned everything I could about  eye makeup because I was making a desperate attempt to draw attention away from my bad skin. I tried every foundation the department store makeup counters had to offer because I was looking for something that would correct my skin. I had started to wear makeup because I needed it to feel good and not because I loved it.

My junior year, I cried in front of my dermatologist. In a last ditch effort to avoid putting me on Accutane, she gave me an experimental combination of medications. Within weeks my skin started to clear. With my confidence restored, I fell in love with beauty products again.

Cc by morineewalker

These days, I'm still in love with all things beauty. I think it's a innocent form of self love and creative expression. It's a kind of art you can share with your friends and your sisters. Sharing beauty secrets from generation to generation is a human tradition and one of the things I love most about being a woman.

This column is meant to celebrate being human and all things feminine. I want to write about caring for your body and looking your best, so you can feel your best. I have a complicated past with feeling beautiful and I know how important it is to feel confident in your own skin. I want this column to be an informative and fun way for me to share my love of beauty. I hope that I can share what I know while continuing to explore and experiment with things I have not tried. I'm not a professional or an expert, just a girl who loves being a girl.

I hope you enjoy Tempt.