The Amused Bouche: It's Good to be Back

  Photo taken at What Crepe. If you haven't had the dessert crepes, you are seriously missing out.

So here we are again.  Back in Ann Arbor, the city that unlike my hometown of Canton, Ohio, has more to offer its culinary society than an Olive Garden and a couple of Starbucks coffee shops.

To those of you aware that this is the 2nd birthday of the column, The Amused Bouche, I thank you for noticing and would like to stress that though presents are always appreciated, they are by no means necessary.

For those of you who are new, welcome!  I’m assuming that if you are reading this you have some interest in food – which could be as intense as wanting to be a professional chef or as innocent as wanting to know where to get really good pizza – either way, I dub thee a “foodie.”

To reiterate, The Amused Bouche is an everything food-related column – from restaurant reviews, to cooking techniques, to general food knowledge.  And the title is a play on the word amuse bouche, which is a single-bite dish occasionally served at the beginning of meal to wake up the palate.

If it is not already apparent, I am an ardent foodie myself and love everything to do with the culinary world, including trips to the grocery store which I frequent with the excitement of a young kid at an amusement park. I cook every day, though not professionally, and as you will notice if you skim through some of the recent posts, prefer to focus on how to cook rather than what to cook.  Therefore, if you are hoping this blog is going to give you concrete recipes and clear, numerical measurements, I’m sorry to disappoint you.  (Though, actually I’m not.)

In short, food to me is an art form.  Whether cooking it myself, chowing down at a local dive, or sampling a fine-dining restaurant, I think, talk, and write about food as if I were studying paintings at a museum.  And yes, I like using metaphors.  But what this actually means is that nearly everything I say is subjective and it based mostly on my own experiences and observations.  You could disagree and that is perfectly fine.  I don’t pretend to know everything or even very much about food relative to the vastness of the culinary world.  I just know I love learning about it, I love writing about it, and it makes me unequivocally happy.

So to the ardent foodies who understand and share my love for food, I welcome your knowledge and in many cases, your passion.  And to all the potential foodies, don’t worry you’ll catch on quick!